Nyabinde’s biography launch, memorial draw close The late Bob Nyabinde

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Writers of the biography of the late Bob “The Headmaster” Nyabinde have said the book is almost ready ahead of its launch next weekend.

The book titled “The Headmaster With A Guitar: Bob Nyabinde,” was written by veteran journalist Munyaradzi Huni under, ‘The Legacy Diaries’ in partnership with Jazz 105 Promotions.

It will be launched in Kwekwe on March 9 after the memorial service which will be held in the morning and hosted by the Nyabinde family.

Nyabinde died on December 23 last year and was buried in the Midlands city. 

The biography is an inspirational narrative with several wide-ranging and insightful interviews with the late afro-jazz superstar.

 A former headmaster and later music superstar, Nyabinde suffered a stroke and lost his eyesight in 2021, but lived to tell his heart-rending and deeply inspiring story that will serve as a manual for both upcoming and established artistes. 

In an interview with The Herald Arts, Huni said the idea to write the book came up when he visited Nyabinde while he was ill.

“I visited Bob Nyabinde during his last days when he was not well. I was with Josh Hozheri and we agreed to do something for him. I offered to write a biography for him,” he said.

“Basically we want to celebrate his life and preserve his legacy.”

Huni said it took him two years to compile and write everything about the late musician.

“We went to see Bob Nyabinde in 2022 and have been working on his book from that time. 

“When we started working on the book we travelled with him to Mutare, Kwekwe and some of the places he used to play. We met teachers he worked with, meeting with relatives, childhood friends,and former band members and it was quiet a journey.”

Huni said the project was self-funding.

“We were funding all this from our pockets. After interviewing Bob, we became so close that it became an enjoyable experience,” he said. 

“We failed to get assistance from relative arts authorities and bodies.

“We met teachers, education directors in Kwekwe, his students including the deputy minister Mhlanga. This is a biography capturing the views of all the people he worked with and were part of his life, including those whom he groomed like Albert Nyathi, Gemma Griffiths, and Hope Masike, among others.”

Huni said the late musician lived a clean lifestyle.

“He had no scandals throughout his life and is one artiste we should emulate,” he said. “After the death of his wife in 2007, he never remarried and was never involved in scandals such as women, drugs, and other immoral things. He lived an exemplary life.” 

As for Nyabinde’s legion of fans, the biography will take them down memory lane and rekindle the halcyon days when “Chabuda Hapana” was a virtual national anthem. 

In addition, Huni interviewed Nyabinde’s fellow musicians, music promoters and corporate executives whose views enriched the biography. 

To spice up the launch of the biography, arts promoter Josh Hozheri is organising a mini-jazz festival in memory of ‘The Headmaster With A Guitar’.

Hozheri said the event will be running under the theme; “Chatsva paKwekwe/Azitshe!

“The festival is set to bring together some of the country’s top Afro-jazz artistes,” he said. “All roads will lead to Kwekwe next weekend as Legacy Diaries and Jazz 105 Promotions celebrate the life of an iconic and exemplary musician who put paid to the myth that music ndeye marombe (social outcasts.) Come and hear Bob’s fascinating story like you have never heard it before.” 

The event will see several artistes who pledged to perform at the celebrations, including Clive ‘Mono’ Mukundu, Steve Makoni, Kireni Zulu, Sam Mataure and Bob’s son Agga Nyabinde.

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