NSSA seeks innovative ways to generate funds

26 Mar, 2019 - 00:03 0 Views
NSSA  seeks innovative ways to generate funds NSSA House

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Manicaland Correspondent
The National Social Security Authority (NSSA) is seeking innovative ways to generate funds to cater for the increase in claims against dwindling incomes.

Speaking at the all-stakeholder workshop held in Mutare last week, NSSA regional manager Mr Alex Kangai said the authority was faced with a serious challenge of dwindling funds which was being caused by non-remission from companies, as well as an increase in number of claims among other challenges.

“Unfortunately, our economy has not permitted the growth of the workforce, but more people are retiring or being retrenched, hence we are channelling out money in packages with no way of replenishing those funds,” he said.

Mr Kangai said NSSA was looking forward to incorporating the informal sector as their coming on board would boost revenue streams.

“We are set to launch the informal sector scheme, which is yet to be considered in Parliament because almost 95 percent of employment is in the informal sector and if we are able to include them, it would be easier for the nation at large,” he said.

Mr Kangai urged employers to regularise employee’s records to enable them to claim their benefits from NSSA when they are due.

“Some employers are not submitting employee’s names and details to NSSA, which makes it difficult for us to identify who makes the contributions,” he said.

“When the employees then come to claim their benefits, we find no records, making it difficult for us to help them.

“We are urging employers to take serious steps towards regularising this so that it benefits everyone.”

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