NPRC condemns S. Africa violence

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NPRC condemns S. Africa violence Retired Justice Selo Nare

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Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter

Zimbabwe’s National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) has condemned xenophobic attacks on African nationals in South Africa and called on Sadc leaders to come up with solutions to end the violence.

NPRC chairman Justice Selo Nare (Retired) condemned the attacks on African migrants in South Africa in a statement yesterday.

“The NPRC condemns the on-going xenophobic attacks on foreigners in the Republic of South Africa. Attacks of this nature call for urgent concerted efforts by the Government of South Africa, Sadc leaders and other peace-loving bodies,” Justice Nare said.

“The NPRC believes that xenophobia has weakened the spirit of pan Africanism and Ubuntu. The philosophy of pan Africanism is that Africans and people of African descent share common interests, experience, struggles and history and should for that reason unite in common struggles for economic liberation wherever we are.”

Justice Nare said the spirit of Ubuntu has been the hallmark of Africa’s values.

“The spirit of Ubuntu has been one of an African’s proudest traits a value which specifically respects every human being and life. To be called human is to be called Ubuntu. Thus, the loss of Ubuntu is loss of being human.

“Thus, the NPRC appeals to South African citizens to embrace the spirit of Ubuntu in these difficult times. This episode of xenophobia has no doubt reduced our African ethics to animal behaviour. The NPRC believes that a country that does not know its history cannot learn from its mistakes or past,” he added.

The NPRC chairman called on the South African government to protect African migrants in that country.

“Thus, the Commission urges the government of South Africa to show political will and protect African migrants from these xenophobic attacks.

“The anti-immigrant sentiment must be stopped forthwith to avoid loss of further lives. Violence against migrants in South Africa, especially from other African countries has resulted in deaths, serious injuries, displacements, looting and wanton destruction of businesses and properties. This no doubt has fostered an environment of fear and uncertainty, resulting from the total impunity for perpetrators and slow action of law enforcement,” he said.

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