Nothing impressive in Mujuru’s entry into politics

Nothing impressive in Mujuru’s entry into politics Joice Mujuru

Chido Chikuni Correspondent
The Press conference that was recently held by former Vice President Joice Mujuru in Harare was over exaggerated by some sections of the media that described it as grand entry into the political field. Last week, the private media had screaming headlines propping up the image and party of Mujuru’s Zimbabwe People First (ZPF). Mujuru’s grand entry into politics is in the eyes of the private media.

It is known that politicians use mass communication to mobilise public support. In that vein, journalists are paid to achieve a goal of producing stories that attract big audiences and make politicians marketable to the electorate. Mujuru’s illusionary political muscle is all but in the minds of the media.

There was nothing fascinating for the media to make noise about Dr Mujuru’s Press conference. Zimbabweans continue with their lives regardless as they know opposition politicians in the country have nothing to offer except to repeat the “Mugabe must go” mantra.

It’s blasphemous for the media to try and equate the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem with Mujuru’s entrance in politics.

Was Mujuru’s Press conference worth such labelling? Nothing out of the ordinary from Mujuru’s pronouncement than just joining a long list of useless opposition politicians.

In actual fact, Mujuru has nothing on her economic table to offer the people of Zimbabwe. It is well-known that the private media are desperate to paint a positive picture of everything involving Mujuru’s Zimbabwe People First.

Just like Morgan Tsvangirai, who at one point booked a whole floor of Meikles Hotel, Mujuru thought by holding her first Press conference at an expensive hotel it would give her an opportunity to garner support from the electorate. People will never waste their time believing in what political rejects like Mujuru tell them.

Voters are aware that opposition politicians are after money and power. They don’t have the interests of the people at heart, but to enrich themselves. The hype that Dr Mujuru is getting now is the same as that Tsvangirai used to get when he formed his party in 1999.

It’s only a matter of time before ZPF becomes grounded. Most people who were strong supporters of Tsvangirai can confess that they used to admire him but it’s now a thing of the past, as he seems to have run out of ideas lately.

The electorate who want to find a home in Mujuru’s party do so at their own peril. Surely, fore warned is fore armed. A party of disgruntled people can never achieve anything meaningful to benefit the people of Zimbabwe. At the moment, ZPF officials are seeking recognition from international donors so that they are funded to line their pockets first. One then wonders if it’s People First or ‘Pockets First’.

After their expulsion from the revolutionary party, most of the former zanu-pf officials had no business opportunities to support their families. Politics has become a business venture for these people.

Hence, in simple terms, ZPF is a new kid on the block which might never grow beyond its first few steps as politics is not for fortune seekers. ZPF cannot stand a chance against the revolutionary party which is now politically mature.

The public must resist being fooled by these sympathy seekers. Mujuru and her allies plotted their own demise. What will stop a party being led by an ex-VP; consisting of ex-officials from other political parties (political rejects) from disintegrating like what President Mugabe predicted: “People first, People Second, People Third” the list is endless.

Mujuru was expelled from zanu-pf for corruption and abuse of office by manipulating deals that helped her line her own pockets and agenda. In shona, they say “shiri ine muririro wayo hairegi”.

The former VP’s tainted past will never make her a success in her political life. For her to appeal to the electorate Dr Mujuru tries to appear like a humble and clean person. Joice Mujuru is attacking the revolutionary party’s policies and programmes now because she is a leader of an opposition party.

Mujuru worked for the ruling Government from 1980 until her dismissal in 2014. During her tenure as VP, why didn’t she proffer solutions for the betterment of Zimbabweans? Mujuru will never be taken seriously in the political arena and her followers should make hay whilst the sun shines, leave the doomed political party.

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