No to imposition of candidates Cdes! Zanu-PF is a party by the people and for the people

Ranson Madzamba Correspondent
It is true that anything for the people without the people is not for the people. As much as we appreciate the need to have a commission that will endorse the candidature of aspiring members of parliament to represent Zanu-PF party, the process must be treated with caution.

The power of any aspiring candidate lies in the hands of the electorate. Some would put it as, the power of fish lies in the water. The power is not in the hands of the commission, but the commission rather endorses what the masses favour.

Yes, the commission is very essential in making sure the aspiring members of parliament are indeed true and trusted Zanu-PF cadres, but all in all the people, the masses, the subalterns must be the ultimate bosses.

The commission must be cautious in its endorsement of candidates for there is high risk of selecting an individual not known and not even welcomed by the masses. The electorate indeed must be the ultimate boss. The masses will in the end, have the power to hire or fire a candidate despite the decisions of the commission.

There is need to crosscheck with the people on the ground before making candidate endorsements for the aspiring members of parliament. Let the people or the masses guide the decision to be taken by the commission.

This is not all about nepotism, friendship, favouritism, but about a good strategy for the good of the masses and the political party as a whole. Remember my quote above, “anything for the people without the people is not for the people”.

Let the people take centre stage, for zanu-pf is a well-known party by the masses and for the masses.

Let us not forget the Norton debacle, where the G40 boss in the name of Saviour Kasukuwere decided to impose his friend — Ronald Chindedza — to represent Zanu-PF as the candidate for the National Assembly seat. Chindedza was not known by the masses. The electorate did not have the power to openly challenge the decision endorsed by Kasukuwere, but they only managed to deal with the imposed individual through the ballot box. During a disputed Zanu-PF primary election presided over by former Harare South legislator Shadreck Mashayamombe, Chindedza controversially won against other party candidates that included Cdes Bybit Tsomondo, Joyce Mukazhu and Margaret Zvinavashe. Issues of imposition of candidates were raised then, but the party’s commissariat department did nothing to address the matter. As such, Chindedza ended up representing zanu-pf against the will and wishes of the people of Norton.

Chindedza lost the election and this was a great loss to the Zanu-PF party. Candidate imposition is dangerous and hinders victory and must be avoided at all cost. It must be condemned at all levels.

The party must never undermine the power of the electorate. The power of the electorate, especially literate ones in the case of Zimbabweans must be treated with caution. President Mnangagwa told us “The Voice of the people is the voice of God”

The people are indeed sick and tired of the opposition party in the name of MDC-T and Zanu-PF must never give it chance to penetrate its strongholds. The people will not vote for a party that is pompous for having invited sanctions that are causing unending suffering of the masses. MDC-T exposed itself as a party of people who are power-hungry and do not at all mind about the welfare of the electorate. What matters to them is power. They are interested in the discourse of power. But power without knowledge will not work in the Zimbabwean situation.

Forewarned is forearmed. Let us not forget the power of any politician lies in the hands of the masses, the electorate.

In all the decisions we make lest we forget “anything for the people without the people is not for the people”.

Zanu-PF is a party by the people and for the people and there is no doubt that victory is certain.

Let us maintain our ideologies for they are the most favoured by the majority, the electorate.

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