No room for graft, embezzlement: Matanga Comm-Gen Matanga

Leroy Dzenga

Herald Reporter

THE police force is mounting a fight against vices like misappropriation of funds and corruption and results are beginning to show, Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga has said.

Comm-Gen Matanga said this while delivering a lecture at the Zimbabwe National Defence University (ZNDU) yesterday.

He urged public officers to desist from engaging in corruption and embezzlement, as that posed a threat to national security.

“The people entrusted by Government to execute its mandate should not only be trustworthy and credible, but also should be transparent and accountable in the performance of their duties and responsibilities,” Comm-Gen Matanga said.

Presenting on the police contribution to national security, Comm-Gen Matanga said everyone had a role in fighting corruption which has impoverished many.

“The organisation does not condone corruption and a number of high profile cases of corruption are before the courts, while some culprits have already been convicted,” he said.

“Corruption has also caused unbearable suffering to billions of people around the world.

“It has bled public resources at an enormous scale, making it a threat to national security.

“Personal interests, greed and avarice undermine government`s capacity to allocate resources effectively and to deliver services.

“The result is poverty and deprivation, which in turn results in frustration, disillusionment and relentless protests which all threaten internal security.”

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