But behind that glitz and glamour lay a disturbed individual, a man child whom psychologists say missed his childhood and never really grew up. This, they said was the story behind Neverland Ranch, the multi-million-dollar theme park in Santa Barbara, California, that Jackson named after the fantasy island in the story of Peter Pan, a mischievous boy who never ages and spends his eternal childhood adventuring on Neverland as the leader of a gang called the Lost Boys.

The legend of Peter Pan is spreading to the medical field where it has become synonymous with a condition called the ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’ that affects people who do not want or feel unable to grow up. People who have the bodies of adults but the minds of children.
The Peter Pan syndrome is, however, not yet considered a psychopathology, since the World Health Organisation has not recognised it as a psychological disorder.

This may change soon given that an increasing number of adults are reported to be presenting emotionally immature behaviours in several Western societies.
Well the MDC-T’s western parentage and the party’s insistence on retaining the placenta that ties it to Westminster Abbey and the White House appears to have brought this western affliction to these shores for how else can one explain the behaviour of one of our reputed top lawyers, touted as a promising politician. A man who has since been demystified as a man child still to outgrow the strictures of student politics.

This man, who will remain nameless, but who can be easily identified by his predilection for the bizarre is entrusted with the national purse.
And at a time the Government was busy preparing to host the United Nations World Tourism Organisation Conference in Victoria Falls, our distinguished individual shocked all and sundry by mischievously announcing to the world that national coffers had no more than US$200. This in our rich Zimbabwe, home to the Chiadzwa diamond fields!

The next day, our Peter Pan woke up saying the country had more than US$30million in the bank. Miracle money? Not really, Peter Pan had played a bad joke.
Those who were shocked had not seen anything yet as Peter Pan had another trick up his sleeve. The man, a lawyer of many years standing, told his party’s rally in Harare over the weekend, that he already had the results of the presidential election scheduled to be held, along with parliamentary and local government elections, by June 29, when the life of the Seventh Parliament expires.

Peter Pan told the gathering that should the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission fail to announce election results within 12 hours of the close of polling stations, he would announce to the world that Morgan Tsvangirai would have won the election by over 75 percent of the vote!
Not only that, the man who was nabbed after misrepresenting the outcome of the first round of the presidential vote in the March 29 2008 harmonised elections, said he would repeat the crime at the same scene of his 2008 shenanigans, the Steward Room at Meikles Hotel. Once again affirming his insistence on retaining the now pungent placenta.

Who said experience is the name men give to their mistakes had not met our Peter Pan.
In trying to justify his pre-meditated violation of the law, Peter Pan cited the experience of his handlers among them the US and Australia, that he said managed to release poll results within 12 hours, he —  however — conveniently forgot to mention that these countries use electronic voting not the cumbersome manual method employed here and in many other African countries. Under electronic voting, votes are tallied as they are cast which is why they do not take time to release.

Peter Pan was not yet done, even though he contributed to the amendments made to the Electoral Act that says only Zec, through the chief elections officer can announce election results; the law is what he says it is. He wants the Zec chairperson to announce the results.
No reasons were cited for this childish preference, but then this is Peter Pan.

Peter Pan needs to be reminded that Zimbabwe is not Neverland island where anything went for the Lost Boys. This is a country with laws which were made to check the excesses of deviants. Should he cross the line, he should be prepared for the consequences because the crime he plans on has implications on national security.
As young Suluman asks in his monster hit, ‘Sean Timba’, “uchakura rinhi nhai Sean Timba?’’

Peter Pan would do well to remember the hook to that song, “kana munhu anetsa varume batai munhu.’’
The guys at Police General Headquarters are good at doing just that.

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