No house demolitions, says Savanhu Cde Savanhu
Cde Savanhu

Cde Savanhu

Sarudzai Mupangi Herald Reporter
Zanu-PF ministers can never order the demolition of people’s houses because their party is for development and welfare of the masses, Deputy Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement Ce Tendai Savanhu said yesterday. Addressing hundreds of house owners in Harare, Cde Savanhu said there was enough land for Government to build alternative accommodation before ordering the demolition of illegal structures.

“You voted for Zanu-PF because you know it is the only party that has people’s welfare at heart, we are there to solve and not create problems,” he said.

Deputy Minister Savanhu said Zanu-PF ministers should not be complacent otherwise opposition MDC-T councillors would achieve their agenda of trashing the revolutionary party by pushing for the implementation of insensitive resolutions.

“Zanu-PF ministers in Government should not be complacent in their offices because they are surrounded by many opposition party members who may have strategies to reverse people’s gains,” he said.

“Government will have to provide alternative accommodation for the people before it can effect any demolitions.
“After all, my ministry still has enough land to build alternative accommodation for the people. We will provide that land if the need arises. It is unconstitutional to destroy people’s houses.

“Any resolutions that are not in line with Zanu-PF’s ideologies will not be implemented,’’ he said.
Council, Cde Savanhu said, had failed to execute its mandate of providing people with clean water, clinics and roads, among other basic necessities and could not be found adding more suffering on the people.

He assured the people that the Zanu-PF government would not implement policies that would leave people homeless.
Mary Magusha (62) of Eyecourt said she was relieved by the new directive as she had spent sleepless nights over the issue.

She said she had long suspected that it was the plan of the MDC-T to come up with such resolutions in order to tarnish the people’s party.
“I was not surprised to hear that the MDC-T could be behind this plan,” said Magusha.

“If this exercise was to happen I was going to be a victim for the second time after going homeless and living in the open for two months after Operation Murambatsvina several years ago.”

Zanu-PF MPs in Harare and Chitungwiza have teamed up on a campaign to stop demolitions.

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