No dates fixed for Summer Series

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No dates fixed for Summer Series

The Herald

Collin Matiza Sports Editor

THE dates for this year’s Zimbabwe Summer Series — the country’s premier competition in the motorcycling sport of motocross — are still to be confirmed.

A source at the Bogwheelers Club, who run motocross in this country on behalf of Motorsport Zimbabwe, had initially told The Herald yesterday this year’s Summer Series will once again be held, during its traditional month of December.

The source indicated this year’s event will be held over three days on December 8, 10 and 12 at Donnybrook Park Raceway, in Harare.

But, Jamie Kerwin, the secretary of the Bogwheelers Club, quickly dismissed these reports.

“A decision regarding (the staging of this year’s) Summer Series hasn’t been decided as yet.

“We are waiting on lockdown to be lifted further as currently public are not permitted (to attend sporting events in this country) and the whole event is pointless, without public support,” Kerwin said.

Kerwin is currently running the Bogwheelers Club together with veteran motocross rider Doug Mellor (acting chairman).

The club’s chairman, Phil dos Santos, is reported to have recently decided to take a break from the sport.

Last year, the Zimbabwe Summer Series was held over three days, due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The event consisted of a Supercross (night racing) event on the first day, a flat track competition, on the second day, and a full day of some motocross action, on the third day.

And, for this year’s event, there were indications there was going to be three days of competition, starting with two Supercross events on December 8 and 10, before wrapping it up with a full day of motocross action, on December 12.

Apart from local riders, the Zimbabwe Summer Series usually attracts top junior and senior male and female bikers from Botswana, South Africa, Swaziland, Uganda, Kenya and Zambia, as well as some foreign competitors from the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Save for a few Zambians, last year’s Zimbabwe Summer Series was largely turned into a local event, as foreign racers failed to turn up, due to travel restrictions, caused by the Covid-19 outbreak, throughout the world.

Motocross recently resumed in Zimbabwe, with the Bogwheelers Club hosting a race meeting at Donnybrook, a couple of weeks ago.

Meanwhile, Victor Nyamupfukudza’s father and trainer, Simbarashe, recently indicated he has bought a brand new bike, a 50cc, for his son.

He might be riding it during this year’s Zimbabwe Summer Series, if it goes ahead, as expected.

“I managed to get a brand new bike for Victor from South Africa, after having had some headaches, fighting to clear it with Zimra.

“We now have the bike and Victor just can’t wait to mount it during this year’s Zimbabwe Summer Series, where he will also likely to be riding in the 65cc Class,’’ Simba Nyamupfukudza said.

Joe Croisette has also confirmed his son, Emile, is likely to be part of this year’s Zimbabwe Summer Series jamboree.

“We’ve just returned from the USA and, yes, Emile will be part of the (2021) Zimbabwe Summer Series,’’ Joe Croisette said.

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