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Nigeria’s Davido is finally in Harare

20 Apr, 2018 - 00:04 0 Views
Nigeria’s Davido is finally in Harare Davido being interviewed on arrival in Harare

The Herald

Vongai Mbara Arts Correspondent
Nigerian superstar Davido finally landed in the country yesterday after failing to travel for his 2017 tour on two occasions.

Davido was welcomed at Robert Mugabe International Airport by businessman Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure, local musician Jah Prayzah and many fans.

A large convoy of luxurious cars whisked the musician away and paraded him around town for fans to see the popular star.

Speaking at the airport, Davido was quick to apologise for disappointing his fans twice and promised to deliver an amazing show.

“The first time I could not come because I had a show and I missed my connecting flight and the second time it was beyond my control and I want to apologise. I came here to repay and just give you guys a great show,” said Davido.

Davido said the “30 Billion Show” is going to be different from his last show in Zimbabwe when he only performed for about an hour.

“This time I have more songs than I did back then. Last time I also did not come with a band. I just came with my DJ so this time I will be giving you guys the full live experience. I also have a hit song with my brother Jah Prayzah so it is going to be a great show. Fans can expect a two-hour strong performance,” said Davido.

He added that he had to come two days earlier to show his commitment both to his fans and to his friend Ginimbi.

“Earlier this year, I told Ginimbi I needed to come and he said he was going to sort it out. I know if I am dealing with G, I had to make it here so I left two days earlier. I left on Wednesday and the show is on Saturday. I am so happy to be here and I am happy I came around this time. Zimbabweans are much happier and they are celebrating their independence,” said Davido.

He is expected to perform tomorrow at the Harare International Conference Centre where he will share the stage with local musicians Jah Prayzah, Killer T and Exq among others.

Also joining the party would be South African actress Boity who is expected to jet into the country today.

The show is being organised by 2Kings Entertainment in conjunction with Ginimbi.

Dee Nosh of 2Kings Entertainment said all is set for the concert, adding that people should get their tickets on time to avoid pressure at the show.

“They have promised a good act and they will be in the country for two days preparing for the show. Tickets are already selling and we encourage people to buy in time to avoid pressure on the day of the show,” said Dee Nosh.

“Boity is coming on Friday (today) and she will join others in preparing for the show so that everything will go according to plan on Saturday. We are looking forward to a memorable event.”

Ginimbi said he was excited to be part of the show that will also see his usual all-white party taking place in the VVIP section.

“Davido is a big star in Africa. He has a good following in the country and he has the hits that will thrill fans. I have no doubt that this will be one of the biggest shows of the year. He is my friend and I have played my part to ensure that he comes to Harare this time around. We have put everything in place to have a top class show,” said Ginimbi.

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