Nigerian military personnel tour National Heroes Acre Nigerian Armed Forces Command personnel attending Senior Course Number 46 at the Zimbabwe Staff College pose with National Heroes Acre curator Mr Ishmael Munyengeri (not in uniform) after a tour of the shrine in Harare yesterday. – Picture: Nicholas Bakili.

Remember Deketeke-Herald Reporter

A DELEGATION of military personnel from Nigeria, who are part of the Senior Course Number 46 at the Zimbabwe Staff College, yesterday toured the National Heroes Acre, with the team leader, Air Commodore Abdul Audu, saying the national shrine has shaped Zimbabwe’s history, politics and the developmental pattern of the SADC region.

National Heroes Acre curator, Mr Ishmael Munyengeri, took the delegation on the tour.

The major attractions were the statue and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Eternal Flame and the murals depicting the liberation struggle.

They also visited the mausoleum constructed for the late former President Robert Gabriel Mugabe, which has his biography.

Air Commodore Audu laid a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Speaking after the tour, Air Commodore Audu said he was impressed by the way the National Heroes Acre was constructed and how it has shaped generations.

“This is quite an impressive structure, even without reading or learning about it, everything is so well presented and I have this feeling that this has been immortalised for generations to actually get a feel,” he said.

“This visit is based on the package of the college, which requires us to travel to other countries to actually interrogate and investigate what we can learn from respective African countries.”

Air Commodore Audu said he admired the effort by the liberators during the war as it was a big task, adding that Nigeria played a role in the Zimbabwean struggle.

“We had a lecture this morning (yesterday) on the history and culture of Zimbabwe and this visit here is a continuation of that,” he said.

“Unfortunately for us in Africa, colonialism was not a positive chapter in our history; most African countries paid the supreme price fighting colonialism in the struggle for independence.

“For us as a country, we did not go through what Zimbabwe went through but Nigeria played a part to ensure Zimbabwe and other African States attain their sovereignty.”

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