Nicki Minaj wants a family

17 Dec, 2014 - 00:12 0 Views

The Herald

Nicki Minaj has admitted that she will take a career break “one day” to have a “little cute fat baby”. The “Anaconda” hitmaker has admitted that she is looking forward to having a “’little cute fat baby”. She said: “I want a cute little fat baby. “Not now, but one day I want a little cute fat baby.” The 32-year-old rapper also joked that she’d only take a career break once she earned $500 million.

She explained: “I was just kind of being funny because people always ask me when are you going to slow down so I figured to think of like an astronomical amount of money and tell them that so they would stop asking me.

“So, whenever I make $500 million.”

However, Nicki admitted that she would take a break sooner so she could have a baby.

Speaking on an episode of “The Ellen Degeneres Show”, which aired on Monday, she said: “I will have a family even if I don’t have $500 million but if I’m not taking a break for family, it would have to be because of $500 million.”

Meanwhile, Nicki recently admitted that she’d be “disappointed” if she was not a mother by the time her fifth album is released. When asked what her biggest fear is, she explained: “That I’ll become so consumed with work that I’ll forget to live my personal life to the fullest.

“If I’m done with my fifth album and I don’t have a child by then, no matter how much money I have, I would be disappointed, as a woman, because I feel like I was put here to be a mother.” – Bang Showbiz.

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