Ngwazi etches indelible Mark

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Ngwazi etches indelible Mark Mark Ngwazi

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Blessings Chidakwa-Arts Reporter

He left a “Mark”.

Like or hate him, Mark Ngwazi has emerged one of the best Sungura artistes, with spellbinding lyrics, unique instrument arrangement, a shifting tapestry of sound that has left even the most seasoned Sungura musicians green with envy.

Short in stature, but a dynamite on stage, Mark Ngwazi has arrived on the musical scene and indeed he is conquering the airwaves. The Sungura genre is talking. He is the man of the moment, having launched his album Nharo Nezvinenharo on Saturday at Bar Rouge, Long Cheng Shopping Mall in Belvedere. The show was scheduled to start at 7pm but as late as 10pm fans were still thronging the fully packed venue to witness the executive launch of a seven track album. It all started as a family affair with Mark’s young brother, Tindo, being the curtain raiser setting the stage for the finer moment.

Around past 10pm his father and mother were also on stage to simply thank fans for supporting their beloved son.

They had to brave the cold weather and travelled nearly 300 kilometres from Njanja in Chikomba District to witness the album launch. At about to 11pm, drummer Barnabas Mandipota took to stage, signalling the start of the main event.

At 22.35 the man himself was on stage clad in a white attire while the band members were in black attires.

For reasons best known to him, “Nyaradzo Yababa”, a third track on the album was the first to be played much to the applause of the fans.

Of course the next track “Hwahwa” proved to be an instant hit as fans sang along with him.

Mark is just a lyrical prowess.

“. . . unoda kuparidza kudzoka kwaJesu iwe usingadzoke kumba . . . . . .nharo dzekufunga kuti Mathias Mhere ndiye akaimba Vhuserere izvo ndibaba Charamba usadherere….” 

These were some of the lines that left fans not only entralled but in stitches.

 With only two tracks Mark was off stage. 

At 23.00pm a surprise special package was announced by a representative of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation deputy Minister Tino Machakaire.

The package will be unveiled today.

Soon after, it simply started raining, not rainfall but assets and money.

One boss Joseph Murimwa of one thousand construction bought a CD with a 450 square meters residential stand which is in Waterfalls. 

Boss Munya Morris from Norton bought the CD with a car.

Among the fans that bought the CDs with cash are Kadoma based gold miner Mr Spencer Chuma who is featured in one of the tracks in the album including gold finger born Munyaradzi Makombora and boss Chido Chakanyuka. 

At 1215hrs some online fans could have probably mistaken themselves for being tuned on Zee World or Star Life channels as there was an Indian, of course a singer who was on stage. 

Dhyaan Kumar is the Indian man who sang in Shona at ease backing Mark. 

“…takakura tichidya sadza nemuriwo tichikanga nzungu mumba…”, are some of the lines Dhyaan sang much to the applause of fans.

In the wee hours Mark also sang his yesteryear tracks including rendetions for sungura maestro Alick Macheso and the late national hero Dr Oliver Mtukudzi.

As a sign of humility, Mark respects those that entered the industry before him and had to dedicate one disc to sungura ace Macheso. 

At 1.15am Mark left the stage although fans were demanding him back.

In his own words Mark is grateful to the fans.

“I didnt know that even my executive fans are so many. 

If l only knew l could have booked a higher venue some fans failed to enter the full packed venue. 

“Some had to listen to the launch standing outside.

This is our year as sungura musicians, Zakaria, Macheso released albums which already making waves. I believe mine will also be a hit,” he said.

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