NGOs willing tools of subversion


This week we look at the negative reports coming from NGOs and civic groups concerning Zanu PF’s landslide victory. If one shakes the NGO and civic group tree, thousands of rotten fruits will fall. NGOs are known as the third sector but over the years, they have slowly merged into both the first sector, the state, and the second sector, the market.

They have turned into small political parties geared to serve and consolidate western interests. Zimbabwe has more than 2000 NGOs but there is basically nothing to show for it in terms of development. Our article does not in any way seek to doubt or belittle the noble intentions of some NGOs but it questions the way some NGOs now want to take over the power of states and those of inter-governmental organisations.

The NGO sector has in other words been at the helm of under-developing the Zimbabwean state through their many and unsuccessful strategies of regime change. No sane man can ever accept the ZESN report given their rabid hatred of Zanu-PF. This is observed through the negative information they have been posting on the internet throughout the past years.

The western countries have managed to create an artificial, pseudo-middle class comprising of lazy and un-patriotic Zimbabweans whose major duty is to write or report negatively about their country. This group of treacherous black and white Zimbabweans is handsomely paid for dishing out such lies, falsehoods, untruth and propaganda.

We have these past years seen this disloyal, unfaithful, deceitful, untrustworthy and perfidious group of charlatans amassing quite a lot of wealth through their diabolical deeds.

If we may ask: What criteria did ZESN use in choosing its election observers? Wasn’t the whole exercise subjective and very partial as the majority of observers were MDC-T supporters? Many of the selected observers were people who would not even question the amount they were given at the end of the exercise.

Most of the money remained in the pockets of these corrupt, lazy and good-for-nothing ZESN fraudsters.
What type of result would one expect from such a partisan, opinionated, biased, partial and one-sided outfit? If one were to smash an egg on a granite rock, could it be possible to put that egg together again. ZESN thinks it can perform such a miracle with much ease.

Such flawed and defective thinking can only come from narrow-minded, blinkered and myopic hypocrites.
Zanu-PF won the election fair and square.

Dear reader, remember after almost a year and half of thorough research work we pointed out that an MDC-T election victory in 2013 was more like spotting a green chameleon in the ever green forests of the DRC or catching sight of the Nyaminyami in the murky waters of Lake Kariba.

We need not mention names but it is high time MDC-ZESN admits that it cooked up everything in order to please MDC-T. Who can dispute that MDC-ZESN is MDC-T? In 2000 it used to be ZESN and in 2005 it turned to ZESN and MDC, in 2008 it changed to ZESN-MDC and in 2013 it completely transformed itself to MDC-MDC. Right from the pre-election, election and post-election days these western controlled marionettes had already come up with an outcome which of course would be favourable to Tsvangirai and his western handlers.

There are quite a number of civil servants who were left out by ZEC and if ZESN actually wanted an objective assessment of the elections they could have taken the majority of these civil servants on board. Of course they would not do that bearing in mind that they had their own pre-conceived outcome.

What idiocy and un-professionalism! This stinks more of an Anna Tibaijuka report which was already concluded before she landed in Zimbabwe.
Many young men and women in our universities actually look forward to working for these NGOs mainly because of the lucrative salaries. The western countries which fund NGOs know that the only strategy to keep African countries poor is by making them depend heavily on donor aid.

If an audit was to be carried out on the wealth that some of our friends in the NGO sector have acquired, many will be shocked on how rich some of these guys have become within a short space of time.

The 2,6 billion dollars which vanished in thin air never reached its intended beneficiaries as these selfish and greedy hyenas shared it among themselves. You can never develop an economy when you have such vultures flying all over the place.

NGOs in Zimbabwe have survived through the misery of the masses. They have created an artificial crisis since 2000 as to enable them to siphon millions of dollars from their western funders. There have never been a crisis in Zimbabwe, and even the former South African President, Thabo Mbeki saw through this threadbare lie as he also denied such baseless claims.

As Zimbabweans, we have for the past thirteen years created and maintained employment for a group of well connected, lazy and un-patriotic people whose major aim is to survive by sucking the blood of the poor masses. Most NGOs have employed their cronies who sympathize with Morgan Tsvangirai.

These are vampires whose day of reckoning is now nigh. We earnestly hope that the rotten apples within the NGO sector should not continue to tarnish the good works of well intentioned NGOs which have always served the Zimbabwean masses, loyally, diligently and impartially.

The western countries have created a pseudo-middle class which is not productive at all but very retrogressive. This heavily donor funded group will hold to this privilege tenaciously and firmly. Look at how they are running up and down like headless chickens trying to safeguard their impending job losses.

Try they might but they have already been exposed for what they really stand for (MDC-T middle-men who are partial, one-sided, prejudiced and above all a cancer to political, social and economic development) and this must immediately come to an end. How can we sympathize with people who survive on seeing to it that Zimbabwe remains sanctioned through their damning reports?

They want the country to remain in crisis so that they stay useful and relevant to their western funders. According to these hypocrites, Zimbabwe should degenerate into an ungovernable state so that they will continue to be employed. Such idiots should really pay for their evil deeds.

The Zimbabwean NGO sector is an engine of greed, the cancer of our society. It is selfish, self-serving and egocentric.
The pseudo elites found within this sector want to be more powerful than parliamentarians. The love of money has grown very long roots within this sector. It now needs several economic empowerment bulldozers to uproot this rot and decadence.

It’s quite interesting to note that the negative reports about Zimbabwe all seem to be coming from one source as there is no difference at all on what these various NGOs report on.

It is more of a cut or copy and paste business were all reports can best be described as heavily plagiarised work.
There is absolutely nothing new on what they report on and a report on issues in Kenya, Russia, Syria is no different from what is being reported in Zimbabwe.

These good-for-nothing organisations seem to be getting whatever they write or report on from a single source probably western in origin.
Most NGOs which sprouted everywhere like mushrooms (to borrow from Morgan Tsvangirai) especially from 2000 onwards are typical intermediaries of imperialism. They make money out of our deprivation and misery.

These are groups which only thrive where there is suffering and poverty. Do you then think they would support a government which seeks to empower its own people? NGOs want to maintain under-development. They are heartless as they fight tooth and nail to keep people submerged in absolute poverty.

NGOs want to give people fish so that they only eat for one day. Teaching people how to fish is not on their agenda as they pretty well know that an empowered man does not need NGO assistance.

Crisis Coalition Zimbabwe, a group of NGOs and some civic groups claims that there is a crisis in Zimbabwe. It is also interesting to note that this grouping and its MDC-T friends went rabidly over-drive as they posted on various websites outright lies that South Africa had reintroduced visas in the wake of President Mugabe’s resounding landslide victory and also that fuel prices had gone up and that Zimbabwe was soon to reintroduce the Zimbabwean dollar. They wanted to create a crisis from nowhere.

These are people who have for the past thirteen years survived on lies about a Zimbabwean crisis. Every Zimbabwean now knows that these pseudo-watchdogs of society have been getting millions of dollars from their Western funders.

As progressive Zimbabweans, it’s high time we holistically and wholly repudiate and reject this crisis claim coming from these good-for-nothing greedy and self-centred individuals within the NGO sector.

We cannot sustain this artificial middle class which is not productive at all but is the anti-thesis of development, job creation and economic empowerment. Show us which African country ever developed through donations.

Who doesn’t know that the economic problems bedeviling our country have quite a lot to do with Western induced sanctions as well as various economic strategies bent on sabotaging whatever economic recovery policy this country might wish to undertake. Who else doesn’t know that the political problems that we are facing also have quite a lot to do with the western imported democratic rhetoric which these NGOs and civic groups claim to be defending against a purported repressive state.

These political charlatans are not even ashamed that they are defending foreign thought as their own, they are occupying the former colonizer’s space, they are carrying the white oppressor’s bags and they are following the imperialists’ path.

What hypocrites!
A free people will never think other people’s thoughts, they will never assimilate another race’s civilisation as if they don’t have their own.
The NGO and civic group fraudsters are not ashamed at all since treachery is big business earning these charlatans thousands of dollars each year.

The politicisation of NGOs and civic groups should be questioned because it is now assumed that they are morally superior and capable of deciding who has won or lost an election. Donor countries only regularly fund those NGOs and civic groups which abide by the rules they set. In most cases, the implementation of democracy prevails over the rights to safety, food, shelter, land or water. Mere browsing of these groupings’ websites clearly shows how shallow their thinking is.

It is all about rule of law, good governance and a plethora of utopian democratic niceties. There isn’t a single website that defends land ownership, indigenisation, economic empowerment and basic rights of the indigenous black people.

NGOs and civic groups have been at the helm of calling for good governance yet the type of governance within their own organisations is characterised by corruption, cronyism, patronage politics, propaganda, partiality, a leadership crisis and all sorts of assorted evils and criminalities.

NGOs, despite their altruistic motives, have always been imperialistic to a certain extent. For the NGO and civic groups to remain relevant in this new revolutionary Zimbabwean political, economic and social dispensation they should be impartial, neutral, unbiased and open-minded.

They need to be patriotic and to discharge their duties diligently without any strings attached to them.
The country has bore the brunt of negative publicity for too long and it is the duty and responsibility of every Zimbabwean to serve the country loyally and faithfully.
 Bowden B.C Mbanje and Darlington N. Mahuku are lecturers in international relations, and peace and governance with Bindura University of Science Education.

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