Ngaavongwe (12) takes  literary arts by storm Ngaavongwe Mukanyi with her book.

Youth Interactive Reporter

AT 12, she has already made a mark as an author in the publishing sector. 

She can’t resist the pen, scripts, and keyboard no matter how her parents force her to study. 

Hers is a natural calling as she uses unparalleled imagination to save other young learners and adolescents facing challenges enrolled in the so-called elite schools. 

She gives hope to those in despair is through writing and compiling motivational stuff to enlighten other pupils. 

This aptly sums up David Livingstone Primary School pupil, vice headgirl Ngaavongwe Mukanyi’s journey in literary arts. 

Whether she writes from experience or not, it’s a question for another day.

 Body shaming, bullying and discrimination prevalent in some institutions are some of the issues that inspired her imagination. 

Unlike her peers, who prefer surfing the internet or playing with dolls in their spare time, this little genius plays around with manuscripts. 

At first, Ngaavongwe’s parents were concerned about how their daughter would manage her piling school assignments considering the demands of the new curriculum. 

However, she has defied the odds and followed her calling as a child author. 

During this year’s 44th Uhuru celebrations, her parents finally granted her the freedom to write more manuscripts when she launched her first book titled “Joyful’s Journey — Triumph from Adversity”. 

The launch attracted over 100 guests and writers who were touched by her refreshing and yet thought-provoking book now on sale. 

She now enjoys her new status as a celebrity child writer. 

Her mother, Sharon Mukanya, is a social worker who is concerned about children’s issues while the father, Charles is an accounts clerk with an interest in agriculture. 

The parents concur that Ngaavongwe has surprised them by following her calling. 

“We did not force her to write books but she developed that interest when she was very young. 

“She enjoys dancing, singing, and writing and we are now a family with multiple talents. I am grateful that she has managed to launch her book,” said her excited father Mr Mukanya. 

The elated father has vowed to support his daughter to make history in the publishing industry. 

“She has proved to us that she is capable and we can only support her. 

“I am excited that she is following her passion but I would like to encourage her to remain level-headed,” he added 

Mrs Mukanya gave credit to David Livingstone Primary School authorities and motivational speaker and writer Samuel Chawana for assisting Ngaavongwe. 

“Her class teacher, the school headmaster, and the deputy played their part while Mr  Samuel Chawana made some recommendations. 

“He is one of the people who linked us up with publishers, media, and influencers supporting bright learners like Ngaavongwe.”

 “We are humbled by this support which means a lot to us.” 

The articulate Ngaavongwe who has chosen writing as a career has vowed to make a difference. 

“I feel excited at this moment and  I hope to help others out there. I would like to connect with others and I did this through this book that has been unveiled,”  she said.

Despite her busy schedule, she says she still has a social life. 

“At school, I do swimming, running, singing and dancing. Of course, it took me a year to write this book but I would make sure I have time to refresh pursuing other hobbies. 

“I dedicate this book to other children facing the issues I raised,” she said.

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