The Herald, 12 June, 1984

HERALD newspaper vendor Bob Chaza was down to his last 50c and nо money in the bank when he discovered in Saturday’s paper that he had won $50 000 in Friday’s State Lottery draw in Bulawayo.

After such a win, Cde Chaza (32) does not wish to buy cars, amass wealth or join the rich. Instead, he plans to stay on at his job “because it was from the dollar I was paid for selling newspapers here that gave me this luck”.

The news got to him after he had braved the wintry breeze on Saturday selling newspapers in Harare’s streets. “I decided to buy coffee at the canteen. While drinking it, I saw that I had done it.

“I was almost overwhelmed with happiness when I found that my ticket number, 163434 Emmah of Highfield, had won such a prize. In fact, I could not believe it and I called one of my colleagues to confirm what I was seeing,” Cde Chaza said.

“The lucky name — Emmah — is my mother’s Christian name. I just decided to use it since it was my second attempt on the lottery gamble.”

A father of one, Cde Chaza lives with his parents in Highfield. Born when his father was a farmer, Cde Chaza said he was keen to go back on the land.

“But this depends on what we decide as a family. We will involve all the family, and we hope to use the money as a family.”

He said his father left farming in Chesa, near Mt Darwin, during the war and has since been a self-employed builder in the city.

“We may consider using part of the money to extend our house in Highfield because it is too small. Again, this depends on how many people will be staying at the house,” he said.


No matter how desperate one’s situation is, there is need to be hopeful because sometimes good things come out of difficult situations. The newspaper vendor in the story was almost down and out when he noticed that he had won the jackpot.

In life, it pays to be rational and modest. The man in the story chose to maintain his job and his lifestyle despite the fact that he had a windfall. In most cases people who win large sums of money, tend to be their own worst enemies because they alter their lifestyles completely, which elevates their spending.

It pays to invest money, especially after getting a windfall because money can run out if one just spends it without a viable plan or investment strategy.

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