New year: Opportunity for exciting new level

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Ropafadzo Karen Banda

Youth Interactive Writer

“I have always loved the first day of school better than the last day of school. Firsts are the best because they are beginnings”, said writer. Jenny Han

Isn’t it so exciting that you are now going to a new grade, some new level of their education including those starting their pre-school, every day it was always “mum I want go back to school”, to some they even lied to that they are in grade one, yet they haven’t gone to school.

I have a smile on my face writing this because I know a genius student whose reading, this article is going to make it this year, if he or she reads and implements some of the tips and nuggets shared below.

First of all, I would want to express my gratitude in thanking every parent or anyone that is trying to do their best by making a sacrifice to get their child to school. 

One may wonder if I am still at school or not.

“Education is not preparation for life, but is a life itself”.

This affirmation which I have quoted from the text simply shows us that time is much more valuable and if you take the sense of urgency to separate education from human life giving it your own best meaning by ignoring those that says “education is just a reward of certificates.

The moment you realise that, it’s not about you getting motivated to go to school or getting back to school that will benefit others but you, that is when you start to see real changes. 

Someone out there is been taken for granted, because of being vulnerable but you’re blessed to be provided with everything on the plate. 

Its high time my brother and my sister to utilize the time, the environment, the resources and opportunities that we have. 

Your level of motivation must be based on what’s on your past failure and what’s ahead, because you don’t need someone to come and push you up to make it. 

You might be talented on something and my question is “what are you doing with it, whom do you know that once did it or is doing it? 

Have you made some researches towards it? 

What kind of people do you listen to? 

What do you learn from them? 

How to you keep up yourself with knowledge? 

What is it that you’re going to do to change the world?

No one is going to come and do it for you except yourself, no one wants you to be better than them except yourself and you’re responsible of everything. 

Take life as it is for this new beginning.

I encourage you to write down the things that you’re best at and those that you cannot control. Moreover, on those that you can not counsel the things that you really know even if you’re try to change them, you can’t get over them , then you start to deal with those that you can. 

I want you to do this to protect your dreams rather than leaving them inside or on the pillow when you work up or always hindering yourself from change.

Your brain will tell you to step back but I want you to play between your brain and your soul. Let it be the most memorable year that you’re going to see you can attain in this life. 

Don’t be afraid to be the best how can you live and die with ought letting your dreams come true? 

Its not going to be easy and the pain is worth it. 

It’s no about working hard its about working smart not to get the number one in class it’s all about the understanding and the learning of what the syllabus is trying to teach you and implement the correct codes. 

Sign up to be inconvenience, change the circle of your friends if their energy is dragging you back. 

Surround yourself with people that challenges you, who are aligned to your destiny. 

Feed yourself with positive good vibes that keeps you in track don’t give up, it allowed to rest but continue until that vision, that goal manifest.

Its goal season give your best shot reader, to your studies or in whatever that you’re doing, make the people who believes in you proud.

Your parents, guardian, mentors I mean who so ever that helps and wishes you the best they are all awaiting to see, what you’re going to offer in this season. 

Everything is possible as long as you believe, everything you need is available you just need wisdom, compassion and discernment spirit to see that sign you’re looking for. 

Change your story for good, God is going to be on your side just focus. 

Its going to happen, take action, be constant, focus, give your self- time so see how best you can be. The world needs your input, gratitude.

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