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New tele-novela tackles social ills

05 Nov, 2019 - 00:11 0 Views
New tele-novela tackles social ills Lazaro

The Herald

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Arts Reporter
A NEW tele-novela series, “Temberi — The Road to Redemption”, which tackles social ills and other underhand activities that are often swept under the carpet, is next month set to hit the screens. The film seeks to bring solutions and create awareness on some of the problems affecting communities.

Centred on a young girl raised in a Christian background before she left home to live in another country where she later met an abusive man, the film will be shot locally by Ngoda Television production house, next month.

Film writer and director Ted Lazaro is excited over the project.

He said auditions are underway.

“It is a tele-novela series, a first in Zimbabwe, but something we will admire watching like those films from ZeeWorld channel.

“The whole series is centred on the challenges which are being faced in church, especially in a choir set up where these issues are talked about,” said Lazaro.

“We decided to put it out to the people since we know it has been happening for a long time.”

Lazaro said they were looking forward to screening the series on DSTV and ZBC.

He said people should know and understand societal issues, adding that the actors and directors are the mirrors into the society.

“The series is not about highlighting the ills but also giving solutions to the society.

“We are also aiming at giving a platform to upcoming actors, as we need a fresh crop of actors. We held auditions at Reps Theatre on Saturday and I was overwhelmed by the response from different actors.

“There were some few renowned actors who auditioned although I cannot share their names, as it is still work in progress,” he said.

Lazaro said the film was inspired by his previous church experiences.

“Being connected to different churches and growing up in there got me connected to a lot of human stories that need to be told.

“These are stories of trying to make it in life at any cost, finding the balance between what is morally correct and what is culturally acceptable,” he said.

Lazaro appealed for support saying the film will not only market Zimbabwe, but also put it on the global map.

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