New talent show begins today


Lovemore Meya Arts Correspondent
“Talent knows no age” goes the saying and this is what KeNako Music seeks to achieve when it launches its new talent show today titled “Unchartered”.

Set to be an annual event, the show’s launch is slated for KeNako Music in Borrowdale and is aimed at picking raw talent in the country and mentors it.

The talent search for now will be focusing only on music and is open to all age groups, creating a platform for everyone to exhibit their vocal prowess.

In an interview at their base in Borrowdale, head of business development KeNako Media, owners of KeNako Music, Joster Ngozo said the search is going to be a relief to the talent that almost went unnoticed.

“Unchartered means unfound or undiscovered. What we are trying to do is to discover that undiscovered talent,” said Ngozo.

“We have launched the initiative through KeNako Music whereby we are doing a talent search from the first of February till April.

“And for us to reach out to people, the most productive means of communicating we will be using is the social media including Facebook and WhatsApp.”

Ngozo said this was made possible since many people are now using social networks to disseminate information.

“We are going to launch a marketing campaign in the form of audio, video and written content. This will enable us to reach out to all talents scattered across the country.

“The criterion in which we are using is for solo artistes to do covers and original songs they like then we rate them from that since we are open in every genre.

“They will record their 60-seconds long performance clip and we will upload them on social network with judges and people’s choices giving us the desired results,” he said.

He added, “We have set up a panel of judges with a strong understanding of music to help us and those to go past the first selection will get attached to seasoned musicians for mentorship with each artiste grooming his or her student to winning and produce music at that stage.”

Ngozo said they will have various shows every season with those to make it walking away with different prizes including cash.

Meanwhile, the same stable has since penned history by releasing a theme song audio track titled “African Union Agenda 2063” in recognition of the President Mugabe for his role as the chairperson for the African Union.

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