New security plan for Kabul in Afghan

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New security plan for Kabul in Afghan

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KABUL. — The Afghan Interior Ministry has devised and implemented a new plan for Kabul to ensure security in the national capital and adjoining areas, the Government Media and Information Center (GMIC) said yesterday.

Giving priorities to providing security to diplomatic enclaves, the GMIC said the security plan would cover Kabul and adjoining districts and provinces close to the capital city.

“Up to 26 checkpoints have been placed around the capital’s diplomatic areas on priority basis and 10 more mobile-checkpoints have been considered to patrol the roads and streets leading to the capital city,” acting Kabul police chief Salim Ehsas said in a statement.

The new security measures have been put in place after series of terrorist attacks in Kabul, including a deadly tanker bomb in diplomatic area on May 31 that killed more than 150 people and injured hundreds others besides destroying and damaging several houses at nearby including the German embassy.

In addition to increasing security checkpoints and patrol teams, scanners have also been installed around the diplomatic areas and sensitive sites to monitor the situation around the clock, the statement said.

The police official also noted that as part of the plan, four entrance gates to Kabul city have been equipped with scanning machines to screen the vehicles and it will be also extended to other areas of Kabul.

Meanwhile, local Afghans and security forces discovered around 40 bodies in a mass grave in the northern Sari Pul province on Tuesday amid government forces’ cleanup operations in the troubled region.

Militants loyal to the Islamic State (IS) group and Taliban outfit have reportedly massacred more than 50 people, all civilians, including women and children, after overrunning the strategically important Mirza Olang district two weeks ago. — Xinhua

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