New look unveiled for 1980 Trade Fair

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New look unveiled for 1980 Trade Fair

The Herald

The Herald, October 20, 1979

A NEW logo and a new name have been introduced for the annual trade fair which is now called the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair.

The change of name from Zimbabwe Rhodesia National Trade Fair was decided at a recent executive meeting, the general manager, Mr Graham Rowe, said in an interview yesterday.

The new logo is similar to last year’s rising sun, but a gold Zimbabwe bird has been super-imposed. The Fair’s slogan, ‘A New Horizon, A New Future’ remains unchanged.

Mr Rowe said that in keeping with the fair’s new name, plans were in hand to attract foreign buyers.

“We are looking to the rest of Africa where there is a ready market for the products made here.”

Advertisements in newspapers and publications would be placed and then followed with promotional visits.

“But we have to wait for the outcome of the constitutional talks. If sanctions had been lifted, someone could have been abroad promoting the fair by now,” Mr Rowe said.

Many Zimbabwe Rhodesia industrialists, including some who had never before exhibited, had booked pavilions for next year’s fair and some had signed five-year leases,” he said.


  • Fairs and exhibitions constitute the means of presenting goods and services in an attractive manner with the aid of colour, light and motion in order to catch the imagination of the visitor, attract his/her attention and get him/her interested in the products and services being displayed.
  • Trade fairs and exhibitions play an important role not only in domestic markets, but in international marketing too by bringing potential buyers and suppliers/ manufacturers in contact and imparting information about the relevant developments.
  • In trade fairs and exhibitions, generally, the goods are displayed and their working is demonstrated, if the goods are of a technical nature with a view to creating demand in the market.
  • One of the major reasons that make visiting an expo an important step into the business world is the possibility to communicate and network with people face-to-face.
  • Trade fairs and exhibitions might be the platforms that your business needs to achieve your goals. Regardless of the sector and industry you have decided to operate in, trade fair marketing can provide you with opportunities that the day-to-day business correspondence usually does not.
  • Rebranding is one good way of making yourself visible and competitive.



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