New Kenyan governor puts foot down

08 Sep, 2022 - 00:09 0 Views
New Kenyan governor puts foot down George Natembeya

The Herald

NAIROBI. – A newly elected Kenyan governor has won praise for harsh office rules after turning away top officials from a meeting for arriving minutes later than him.

Governor George Natembeya of Trans-Nzoia county, in western Kenya, ordered doors to be closed for anyone arriving after 9am the time set for the meeting.

The meeting with County Executive Committee members, equivalent of cabinet ministers, was meant to discuss the county’s development plan for the next five years.

“When I say we meet at 9am sharp I mean 9am sharp and not 9:01am. I personally arrived here five minutes earlier so everyone should learn to keep time. Past the said time, if you are out, remain there,” Natembeya is quoted as saying by local outlets.

He gained a reputation for his strictness in his former role as a government administrator.

The governor noted that time keeping is the only way for one to show commitment to their work. He led by example on the first day he reported at work after being sworn in as governor.

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