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Chitungwiza Municipality has come up with a new housing policy that will see war veterans and political detainees receiving preferential treatment in the allocation of stands.

According to the policy, 20 percent of developed stands would be reserved for war veterans and political detainees; 10 percent for women; five percent for the youths and, 10 percent will be allocated to members of the general public.

Speaking after the new housing policy endorsement at a special full council meeting recently, town clerk Mr George Makunde said the municipality would be the leading developer of stands in Chitungwiza, and 30 percent of all residential land would be reserved for high rise apartments, in line with the National Housing Policy.

Twenty-five percent would be reserved for construction of houses for low income earners who can afford to buy and develop the stands.

The town clerk said the municipality, in its annual budget, had to create a provision for funding of a minimum of 3 000 serviced stands and 1 000 housing units.

“It shall be Chitungwiza Municipality policy/mandate that only 50 percent of public funded housing be earmarked for home ownership, and 25 percent be earmarked for leasing with an option to purchase to fulfil our social services obligation. The proportion of land reserved for public funded housing scheme shall be in the proportional stated above percentages.

“Twenty five percent of the units in public funded housing schemes shall be set aside for construction of rental housing for low income earners who cannot afford to buy or construct houses.

“The Municipality also adopts 70 percent of residential land for detached dwelling units for home ownership and rent to buy.”

Chitungwiza has over 6 000 people on its housing waiting list.

The municipality has four strategies: employer assisted housing schemes, housing cooperatives, pay schemes, and private partnerships.

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