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New football project for Mabvuku

22 Sep, 2020 - 00:09 0 Views

The Herald

Takudzwa Chitsiga Sports Reporter
AS a suburb, they have produced some of the country’s finest footballers.

Brenna Msiska, the Mugeyi twins Wilfred and William and the Chimedza siblings Elton and Cephas all hail from there.

Then, there is James Matola, Britto Gwere, the late Usman Misi and France-based Marshal Munetsi.

Now, this rich football nursery is set to have a club in their backyard again.

A group of young businessmen have pooled resources to create a new club called More Love FC.

The team will play in the ZIFA Harare Province Division Two league.

The community have not had a competitive side since the demise of Circle United. Harare banker, Desmond Ali, tried to fill that void, in the Mabvuku/Tafara community, by forming Ali Sundowns.

More Love FC had paid all their affiliation fees, and were ready to go, when the Covid-19 pandemic struck.

The club, which want to eventually play in the Premiership, were formed in 2007 as a social football side.

Last year, they decided the shed their amateur status.

Jeremiah Mutusa is the patron, Takawira Dzongani  the treasurer, the vice-chairman is Clarence Chadyiwa while Fidelis Murandu is the secretary-general.

Lewis Sangare is the committee member and the team manager is Vincent Msiska. Under the guidance of former Blue Ribbon player, Richard Matimba, the ambitious side have also established a junior structure that has under-17 and under-19 sides.

Msiska said they were looking forward to a successful project and they will take their time to make it to the top.

“We started off as a social club way back after noticing that since the demise of Circle United and Ali Sundowns the Mabvuku-Tafara community is lagging behind in terms of a platform where footballers showcase their talent.

“We are grateful that we managed to affiliate with ZIFA Harare Province and, were it not for the Covid-19 pandemic, we could have been enjoying professional football.

“Our aim is to bring back good old days to our community as we used to have, at least, a player in the national team from our hood and we had gone for years without producing top talents before Marshal Munetsi come to the fore recently.

“At the beginning, we had a mixture of soccer-loving people who wanted to train and we felt that we were not being fair to the raw talent in our community.

“So we formed the side,” said Msiska.

The team have been helping their players deal with the harsh economic climate posed by the Covid-19 pandemic through the provision of cash and food hampers.

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