New drama “Mushikashika” on cards

New drama “Mushikashika” on cards Lloyd Kurima aka Mabla 10
Lloyd Kurima aka Mabla 10

Lloyd Kurima aka Mabla 10

Tawanda Marwizi : Arts Correspondent

Art can be defined as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. As such artists use their skills to disseminate information to the public in an entertaining way.Recently in the capital and towns across the country there have been conflicts between the public and council officers.

That ongoing conflict has inspired local comedian Lloyd Kurima, who is widely known as Mabla 10, to produce a drama titled “Mushikashika”.

The comedy explores issues that come as a result of the conflict between municipal police and the public. He wishes to play the intermediary role between council and the public through the drama.

“Sometimes as artists we have to play our part in making sure that people are entertained as well as promoting our culture and peace in society,” he said.

In the play, Mabla 10 is a notorious tout who always fights with council officers and at one point he clamps a council vehicle.

In the process he encourages disobedience from other members of the public such as vendors like Mai Shinda, played by Filda Muchabaiwa.

The fight escalates as vendors bewitch council officers.

At the end of the comedy, upcoming dancehall musician Hwindi President comes in pleading with people to have an understanding with the council.

“We tried our level best to have a drama that eases tension between the council and the public. We hope people will accept as well as take the message home,” he said.

Kurima is a producer, actor, comedian based in Zimbabwe. He has starred in numerous street theatre productions and in Jah Prayzah’s music videos. He became popular with his comical voice in Jah Prayzah’s song “Gochi Gochi”.

Mabla 10 ventured into street theatre in 2000 on joining Voice of Wisdom drama group led by Kahembe.

They produced “Mwana Dofo”, “Pastor Kahembe” and “Vamwe Vanhu” among other productions.

The actor has released many productions of his own among them “Bag Remhosva” and “Vamwe Vanhu”.

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