New chapter for voice overs

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New chapter for voice overs Richard Kohola

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In a bid to promote and develop the careers of voice overs personalities local organization, K Comms on Wednesday hosted a breakfast meeting dubbed ‘Voices that RockZim’ to discuss way forward on tapping the market.

The event held in Belgravia ran under the theme ‘When We speak the market responds’, focused on revising ways in which the art of voice overs can be turned into a business which is professional for artists.

In an interview founder and director of K Comms Richard Kohola explained the need to consider voice talents and assist them with creative ideas to have unique voices.

“In Zimbabwe there are a lot of people with voice talents and the talent has to be trained, managed and presented,” he said.

Kohola encouraged all those who feel they have great voices to come and showcase their talents from a business view.

Speaking at the side-lines of the event voice talent and communications specialist, Eyahra Mathazia said the initiative by K Commz was welcome and optimistic that the deliberations will improve the working conditions of voice over artists.

She further said that the works of voice over artists should be protected from something which most artists have encountered losses from.

“In a progressive industry my voice should be trademarked and copy-written to protect from the copycats”.

Film-maker Joe Njagu said most voice overs are driven by the budget however the managers in charge sometimes don’t give them what they deserve and this discourages the voice overs.

He went on to encourage voice overs to know their worth and not allow people to take advantage of them by paying them less than they should get.

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