New board chairman for DeMbare

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New board chairman for DeMbare

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de mbareEddie Chikamhi Sports Reporter
CHAMPIONS Dynamos have reshuffled their board of directors and confirmed that Bernard Marriot will take over as the new chairman of the Glamour Boys following resolutions made at their annual meeting.Marriot, who has been sitting on the board for several years, will replace founder member Freddy Mkwesha.

Shakie Chitimbe will be the deputy chairman in the new set-up with Owen Chandamale taking over from Robson Rundaba as director of finance.

Mkwesha, who was appointed acting chairman following the death of Richard Chiminya over a year ago, has been relegated to the position of advisor to the board.
Secretary of the board, Chris Kasiyazi, yesterday said the changes were meant to fill the void left by the late Chiminya putting in place substantive office holders while also “re-energising” the club’s operations.

Kasiyazi said the board has been tasked to turn the Dynamos brand into serious business, turn around the club’s waning fortunes in the Africa safari, uphold the spirit of success at home and to ensure unity of purpose at all levels.

The board has also been asked to hold the Golden Jubilee celebrations which failed to take place last year and to set up a welfare fund to benefit former players at retirement.

“This new leadership has been given some immediate tasks which include ensuring unity of purpose in the Dynamos family,”said Kasiyazi.

“Of course, we have heard a number of stories coming in, I think recently through press reports, that there is a faction that is fighting for the ouster of Pasuwa and another in support of Pasuwa.

“The truth is no such factions exit as far as we know. What we do, we sit, discuss and if there is any issue these things are actually looked at. So as it stands the board has been tasked to continue ensuring that unity of purpose at every level with our supporters, technical team, the executive and the board.

“Secondly, upholding the spirit of success at Dynamos, to say there is no room for failure. We cannot afford to be like other players who are used to make failure a routine. In Dynamos we want success, success and success. Our fans demand nothing less than that.

“We also want to reclaim the club’s continental glory. You find that at some stage as Dynamos we were ranked in the top 10 in Africa.  If we had been number six, we now look forward to becoming number five or number three. But to actually slide down the ladder is a sign that there is something wrong somewhere. So this is what we are saying the executive, the new board needs them to seriously look at these things.”

The full Dynamos board now comprises Marriot, Chitimbe, Kasiyazi, Chandamale, Rundaba, Charles Gwatidzo, Norman Maziti, Lazarus Magwenzi, Noel Musariyarwa and Freddy Muzuva.

Kasiyazi said the board will meet the executive tomorrow to present their commercial blueprint as they seek to make the Dynamos brand profitable to the club.
He said the board has to find viable means to turn the DeMbare brand into a serious business emblem.

“Yes, we talked about this sometime last year when we appointed the marketing committee but what we want to do now is to go a gear up and say let’s look at the Dynamos brand, what is the true value of that brand and what could be done to tap that brand to make sure that it is serious business.

“With this unit that we are creating we would want to make sure that whether Dynamos is playing or not there is revenue coming in.

“We also want to partner with strategic business organisations out there for purposes of fully utilising the Dynamos brand.  In the past the thinking has been that all we do is just to play football and relying on gate takings and sponsorship,” said Kasiyazi.

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