Never stop partying, just do it responsibly Let’s party but not forget to be responsible

Latwell Nyangu Youth Interactive Writer

All we have got is now and now is time to party! For several years I have been trying to understand the ‘rituals’ of students partying after exams.

In my observation I found it important since we have to reward ourselves with a breather. It has been a tough journey. The end of every final exam is a liberating time for students. It’s when college finishes and summer begins, a well-deserved break from the stresses of revision, coursework and exams.

Congratulations! You made it to the end of your final exams in one piece. Celebrate every success but don’t forget to enjoy the scars of failures. I was talking to some students a few days ago about their experience during the course of their exams.

The experience has a hell out of it.

Some read content that did not come, some complained about their failure to finish, while some raised issues of not having enough time and the stories were just too many. That is a sign that the academic journey is not easy but as I always say, no one should fail at tertiary education. Yes, it’s a tough journey but just put effort. With such hard and torrid moments, we ought to celebrate.

In the goodness of time, students deserve some bonuses or payments of some sort.

Just a token to say thank you for waking up every day, studying hard, writing difficult exams and passing.

Sadly, I don’t know who should be giving us such a bonus. But partying is close and inevitable.

Happy times are upon us but just do it responsibly.

There are a lot of temptations in these partying moments and temptation’s influence can perturb a students’ mind and deportment.

And if the party is inevitable you have to be unstoppable, uncontrollable and later hysterical as well but at the height of it just do it responsibly.

To be candid, students are literally haunted by the thoughts of partying. But those who are aiming at the zenith levels in terms of succeeding to prove or exhibit their academic potential would make a query on any celebration.

If the concern is a primary duty irrespective of examinations, you are forced to attend. It takes a day or two to come to normalcy though it is an evening affair. The start of the summer holidays is a time for relaxation and reflection. However, with such a period, let’s bear in mind that as students we need to ensure that we don’t neglect learning completely.

There is still life after holidays. It is also time to reflect on what we have done during the course of the year.

The completion of the last semester is important for students but to maintain their learning skills after the exam season and throughout the summer break is critical.

It’s time to take a breather.

Students work extremely hard for an extended period throughout exams, so allowing them a week or so to unwind and relax is vital to their wellbeing. 

With prolonged stress, long study hours and the draining nature of exams in general, taking some time off from studying is a healthy way to reset the mind. It also ensures students are not pressured too heavily into maintaining study habits.

 By being too rigid in our efforts to maintain students’ work habits, it’s possible to overwork them.

Being rewarded for effort during the exam season is great positive reinforcement for students. Showing that their hard work will be rewarded will encourage them to engage more in academic work, as well as improving their work ethic. 

Rewards could be anything from partying and family time. Take a moment to unwind in the transition between the end of exams and the summer holidays.

It’s known, it must have been a stressful period. But now that it’s over, you should try to relax.

The party is worth it, trust me. The struggle which comes with reading and preparing for exams is just extreme.

Some lose weight, some sink in depression while some become anti-social all in the name of exam preparation. Final year exams always coincide with the festive holidays where a lot of activities take place and it is during this period that we also take an opportunity to interact with different friends.

As someone too observant, I normally take a walk around many leisure spots during the festive season where I will be taking a glimpse of students’ culture.

Somehow, I have imagined myself prowling the night to get some exciting places, what I get is what I see. Fellow students, it is time to party like never before but just be responsible. Now that the stress of the exams is out of the way, there is no better way to celebrate than to party.

That is right! All the stress of being locked away for weeks studying, is taken away.

Parties give people a chance to get together, socialise and have fun. Where alcohol and other drugs come into the mix, risky behaviour becomes more likely.

If you know how to party safely it will help you and your friends stay safe while you are having a good time. Partying safely can help you avoid drinking too much and engaging in risky behaviour such as drunk driving and unprotected sex.

It is during these parties that we lose lives, get injured, accidents, fights, among other dangerous activities. But it is in the manner that the partying is held. Once you are influenced by party fever or festive mood I think you cannot concentrate on your academics. Just be responsible.

Remember there will be life after partying. Focused students will enjoy these holidays but never forget their studies.

It is also time to reflect on where you made some mistakes during the course of this year and you have to fix a time schedule in advance for scoring maximum marks as such you will be able to complete the task in time afterwards it will be a cakewalk for you. Let’s party but not forget to be responsible. There is tomorrow and we still have some tasks to complete in the coming year.

Fellow students it’s party time and to refresh and there is time for everything, time to cry, time to party. This is the time.

We have been under pressure from writing exams and we need a moment of partying to overcome such fatigue. If it’s a journey along the highways, we normally take a rest at a lay-by and this academic journey needs us to also take a break. The party for students means that your body needs to lose focus on academic work but never to forget it.

During this period, we also ought to have time with our parents, let’s cherish their love which they give us during the time we won’t be around as we will be at college.

Our parents usually do most of the work at home as we will be attending to academic work. This is the time to enjoy but let’s remain responsible since the days of learning are coming. Happy holidays my fellow learners!

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