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Negotiating the hip-hop terrain

12 Sep, 2020 - 00:09 0 Views
Negotiating the hip-hop terrain Kcossy Junior Dhaka

The Herald

Tafadzwa Zimoyo

He might be hailing from Kadoma, seen as a small town, but this teenager has plenty to offer when it comes to hip-hop.

With most peers in his community into Sungura and Zim Dancehall, Kcossy Junior Dhaka chose a genre shunned by many and seen as a preserve of the elite.

At 16, Kcossy Junior Dhaka — son to music promoter and businessman Cossy Rules — is determined to make an impression in hip-hop.

Better known by his stage name Outlaw 07, the 16-year-old boasts a new beautiful video titled “Toast”, which was shot in Borrowdale, Harare.

He gave fans a glimpse of his talent when he featured on Nash TV last week as the stable hosted Peter Moyo’s 31st birthday.

In an interview Outlaw said he was simply following his heart by pursuing Sungura.

Unlike his father, who has a bias towards Sungura, the Washington Hills High School student said hip-hop was his first.

“I am madly in love with hip-hop unlike my father who likes Sungura and I understand him better as my father. Besides his love for Sungura, he still supports me and the platform he gave me at Nash TV this week showed how committed he is towards uplifting my career.

“He recently gave fans when we shot the video to the song — Toast — which was shot in Borrowdale, courtesy of Lesra Films.

“It was quite an amazing experience and we hope it will be endorsed by many,” he said.

The unassuming Form Four pupil said he has more than 80 recorded songs but he was releasing them in batches.

“I have been working with a number of producers in Kadoma like Ultrasonic and Otive Records and I have more than 80 recorded songs.

“I have been recording with the blessings of my father who is also a Councillor and businessman in Kadoma.

“He has been there for me as he wishes me to excel in whatever I do be it school, sport and music,” he said.

Inspired American rapper Lil Wayne and South African youth icon Nasty C, Outlaw said he was determined to make a name for himself.

“We might not be accepted at home but I will remain committed towards music as I want to pursue my dream.

“I want to put Kadoma on the map and show people what we are also capable of and in the process raise the Zimbabwean flag high through good music,” he said.

To date, Outlaw has a number of polished singles which are popular.

These comprise  “Goodbyes,” “Ginimbi,” “Girl-friend material,” “Bad Energy,” “Anymore,” “Hope,” “My Lil Story,” “What a Life” and “Love You Hard”, among others.

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