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Navygeta finds ‘Happy Place’ in lockdown

11 Sep, 2020 - 00:09 0 Views
Navygeta finds ‘Happy Place’ in lockdown Tinashe Navonika “Navygeta”

The Herald

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Arts Reporter

It is arguably true that the creative sector has been the most adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

It has been extremely bad for musicians who depend on live shows.

The impact of the global restrictions has been felt in every sector, some musicians have seen their work opportunities dry up completely, with nothing to survive on.

There was a call that artistes should embrace the new norm of doing business virtually  during the lockdown.

Upcoming artiste Tinashe Navonika better known by his moniker as “Navygeta” said in an interview with The Herald Arts yesterday that the lockdown had helped him gain popularity and fame because most people have been glued to the online platforms.

He said this soon after the release of his video single titled “Happy Place”, which has been received well on the social media and has been getting airplay on local radio stations.

“It was difficult to be heard and known in the music sector because there are big boys and it has been difficult to make a breakthrough. To us the underdogs, we can say that the global pandemic brought negative impact to the world and our sector was greatly affected. But we managed to turn the negativity into positivity because of the adoption of virtual platforms, henceforth most of us have gained recognition,” he said.

Navygeta explained that the visuals of his song are pregnant with creativity and imagination.

The video has the Midas Touch of Dream State Pictures who have worked with veteran musicians like Nesto.

The song has an Afro Fusion tip, but Navygeta said that he did not limit his art to a specific genre.

“I am cross genre artiste and do not subscribe to one genre.

“I am inspired by my surroundings and as such I make music that suits my particular mood at the material time,” he said.

Navygeta has done several collaborations with Roki, Poptain, Noble Styles and Generations actor Andile Nebulane.

“I believe collaborations are good to improve the art. World over, collaborative efforts in art are a key to success.

“I have another project involving several other artistes from DRC, SA, Lesotho, Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe”, said Navygeta.

Asked on when he cut his teeth in the industry, he replied: “I started singing in early years of my youth, 2012 thereabouts, then professionally, I would say I started releasing my music this year in February.”

Navygeta is an information technology expert and a graduate of the Midlands State University.

He runs a firm called House of Media in South Africa and he is currently under the management of Sister Dee and Robert ‘Bobby Kay’ Chinhengo.

Meanwhile, Navygeta implored the Government to support the arts sector as it has great potential to contribute to the national gross domestic product.

“Look at countries like Jamaica, the music industry has made a significant contribution to their GDP and here we have great talent.

“Jah Prayzah can be a great export if the Government supports the sector,”he said.

His first single titled Zvitadzo was recorded at the now defunct Military Touch Studios.

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