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‘National security hinges on, parliamentary democracy’

04 May, 2018 - 00:05 0 Views
‘National security hinges on, parliamentary democracy’ Advocate Mudenda

The Herald

Machivenyika Senior Reporter
National security is anchored on embracing constitutionalism and sustaining parliamentary democracy, Speaker of the National Assembly Advocate Jacob Mudenda has said. Advocate Mudenda said this while giving a lecture on Parliament’s role and contribution to national security as well as political systems in Zimbabwe at the Zimbabwe National Defence University at Alfred Nikita Mangena Barracks yesterday.

“It is apparent that national security is anchored on embracing constitutionalism and sustaining parliamentary democracy,” he said.

“The two are conjoined twins which are inseparable. There is, therefore, need for each one of us to embrace the emerging doctrine of constitutional patriotism which compels all citizens to put the Constitution above all else as the cornerstone of the rule of law and the observance of the Bill of Rights which guarantee equality before the law.”

The Speaker said as Parliament, they would endeavour to contribute meaningfully towards national sec- urity.
Operation Restore Legacy

“As, Parliament, we will endeavour to ensure that we make meaningful contributions to the realisation and development of a sound national security legal framework.

“I strongly urge our security institutions to always maintain a high degree of vigilance so that as a nation we are eternally secure,” Adv Mudenda said.

He added that it was the role of Parliament to ensure that all State organs act in the best interests of Zimbabweans.
“All State institutions, security services included, are accountable to Parliament, with the ultimate objective of enhancing robust governance.

“Accordingly, the vision of every patriotic citizen must be that of a prosperous country where every person can realise their full potential,” he added.

Adv Mudenda also commended the Zimbabwe Defence Forces for the diligent manner they carried out Operation Restore Legacy that culminated in the resignation of former president Robert Mugabe with President Mnangagwa taking over.
He also challenged the Zimbabwe National Defence University to carry out research on national security that can guide the promulgation of Bills that come before Parliament.

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