National Gallery marks Women’s Day

Peter Tanyanyiwa Arts Correspondent
The National Gallery of Zimbabwe, in partnership with UN Women and Zimbabwe German Society, is hosting a conference on “Women and Migration” in celebration of the International Women’s Day.

The conference started yesterday and ends today at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe.

The conference is part of a series of events associated with the exhibition entitled “Kabbo Ka Muwala/The Girl’s Basket” which is centred on migration and mobility in Eastern and Southern Africa. It follows in the wake of a press conference, an artist talk, and video art master class. As diverse as these events are, they all connect and give the viewer an opportunity to reflect and appreciate migration from historical, economic, social and innovative perspectives.

Raphael Chikukwa, curator at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, said the event will benefit women in various sectors.

“This is the platform to celebrate courageous women across the world who are doing a great job to secure women’s rights and shape more tolerant and equitable societies. We also reflect on the work that remains unacknowledged and remember the many women whose voices go unheard, who continue to be excluded from realizing their full potential.

“The forum is expected to foster the development of international migration policies. What is needed in a general theoretical framework that guides research and helps explain the unique experiences of both males and females at all stages of the migration process.

“Presenters will come and explore various themes which include women and migration, human trafficking or child trafficking, cross-border traders and development, exploring the role played by women in the sector, the politics and nature of statelessness, xenophobia, objectification of minority subjects, revisiting the migration policies of the west, diaspora experiences, what role do refugees play in the development on nation states.

“We see a connection between migration and other social issues such as women, children and migration to issues such as xenophobia,” he said.

Worldwide, women continue to contribute to social, economic, cultural and political advancement but they remain disadvantaged.

The pursuit of the conference is the call for greater equality of opportunity for women in all areas of life, from the workplace to politics or the sports field and beyond.

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