National Foods sets aside $1,4m for wheat

National Foods sets aside  $1,4m for wheat

NATIONAL FOODSBusiness Reporter
AGRO processing concern, National Foods has set aside $1,4 million to support wheat farming for the 2014 wheat growing season following up on the $2,5 million ploughed into A2 farmers growing maize and soya beans in the last agricultural season.
National Foods has already financed the production of 5 000 hectares of wheat, and has chosen the farmers who will grow the wheat with its financial support.

The initiative is intended to help revive wheat production, which has fallen in recent years, and support farmers across all provinces.

The investment is expected to boost wheat production and contribute to the development and growth of the country’s agriculture sector, thereby reducing the nation’s import bill and promoting food security.

It should also create employment in the agriculture sector and downstream industries.

This is the second year running that National Foods has set aside funds to support the country’s agricultural sector. National Foods said the initiative is aimed at aiding the revival of the country’s agriculture sector.

“Agriculture is of crucial importance to our country’s economy. The downstream effects of reviving the agricultural sector will have significant impact and will best serve national interests,” said the group.

“Last year we supported maize and soya beans production. This year we are supporting wheat production, as this is a crop that is in particular need of being given a boost in order to reduce our reliance as a country on imported wheat.

“We foresee huge benefits for the nation from this wheat farming initiative, including a reduction in the import bill, the creation and protection of jobs and the contribution it will make towards attaining self-sufficiency and food security,” NatFoods said.

Through its National Stockfeeds division, the company recently launched a combination package of 100 chicks and their feed for $299.

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