Nando’s celebrates 20 years in Zim

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The Herald

Brenda Phiri Herald Reporter
Global restaurant chain Nando’s says it is committed to the Zimbabwean market as it enjoys good business in the country.

Speaking during celebrations to mark 20 years of operating in the country at Emerald Hill, chief executive officer of Nando’s Worldwide Licencing, Enersto Ferreira said they were investing heavily in the country in appreciation of the support they continue to receive.

“Nando’s was first in Zimbabwe before any of the Middle Eastern countries and South Eastern Asian countries came. This is where we came first, so for us, Zimbabwe is always going to be a serious part of the family,” said Ferreira.

He said they were proud of what they had achieved so far – creating employment for thousands of people in their 11 restaurants across the country.

Marketing director Nando’s Worldwide Licencing Guy Carter weighed in saying they were planning to expand their business to other parts of the country.

“Nando’s commitment to Zimbabwe comes in the form of a substantial investment into a brand new flagship restaurant in Masvingo which will be opened shortly,” he said.

The company representatives spoke of their various operations in the country and how they were supporting local farmers.

He said they were proud of the famous Peri Peri farmers in the Eastern Highlands that were feeding off their outlets in different parts of the world.

The Nando’s franchise that depends entirely on local produce said local farmers were struggling to meet their demands.

“We are growing so fast and every day we need a lot of potatoes and chickens. The supply chain can’t keep up. We want to grow and we are helping farmers grow. We are coming up with programmes so that we grow together,” said Innscor Fast Foods chief executive officer Warren Meares.

He applauded other players on the market, saying their existence helped to keep them in check, and that competition was good for consumers.

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