Namibia: Schools resume Kalumbi Shangula

Charmaine Ngatjiheue-Correspondent
Health and social services minister Kalumbi Shangula maintains that schools for Grade 0 and 3 are now reopening.

This is despite a surge in Covid-19 cases in Namibia over the past two weeks, with the country reaching a total of 485 novel coronavirus infections by the start of this week. On Monday alone the country reported 73 new Covid-19 cases.

“The school readiness checklist used to determine readiness gave us comfort that schools are ready. Those found not ready as per key health requirements will not reopen as yet,” Shangula said, responding to questions from The Namibian at State House in Windhoek on Monday.

He added that the readiness of schools is assessed continuously as schools are not at the same readiness levels.

“This doesn’t affect assessments since this is rationalised and every school will set their assessments as per work that would have been covered for all grades other than 11 and 12,” Shangula said.

Schools will not resume face-to-face instruction in the country’s restricted areas, though, which are the Walvis Bay, Swakopmund and Arandis local authority areas.

“Learners who find themselves in the restricted areas will not be permitted to travel out of that restricted area to other parts of the country, owing to the inherent risks,” Shangula added. –  The Namibian

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