Namibia border scam sucks in Zim migrants

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Namibia border scam sucks in Zim migrants

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Five Zimbabweans have been arrested in Namibia after they were implicated in a case in which an immigration official allegedly stamped their passports indicating that they either exited or entered the country through the border post for their stay in Namibia to be legally extended.According to media reports, the immigration official was arrested last Tuesday for alleged corrupt practices. The official, who was identified as Kingsley Gwala, was arrested at Wenela Border Post in the Zambezi Region by Namibia’s investigators from the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

The six reportedly appeared at the Katima Mulilo magistrates’ court and were denied bail. They will remain in police custody at the Katima Mulilo Police Station holding cells until December 5, 2016 when they will return to the court.

According to a statement issued by the ACC on Saturday, Gwala was on free bail on similar charges when he was arrested last Tuesday. The arrests were as a result of a protracted investigation by the ACC officials into alleged corrupt practices at that border post.

Some immigration officials allegedly stamped the passports of Zimbabweans to give the impression that they exited and entered Namibia through the border post.

However, the Zimbabweans were apparently never physically present at the border post or crossed the border but remained in Namibia.

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