NAMA improved but . . .

NAMA improved but . . . The whole set up at the NAMA was amazing, however, four hosts seemed like a crowd
The whole set up at the NAMA was amazing, however, four hosts seemed like a crowd

The whole set up at the NAMA was amazing, however, four hosts seemed like a crowd

Silver Screen with Tafadzwa Zimoyo
So the weekend was fun-filled with lots of events that were even screened on national television.

Definitely if the licence had expired you could have rushed to pay up your subscription.

This is so because what we experienced this weekend was value for money. Entertainment runs the lifestyle of many people, more so television.

Valentine came and it’s gone and we hope you received what you were expecting. However, keep the love burning every day!

Well, the National Merit Awards were held at 7 Arts Theatre last weekend. And kudos to the organisers who seem to have greatly improved compared to the other 14 years. Yes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, although they still had glitches on hosting the event.

I managed to get the invite last minute. I won’t dwell much on why I didn’t get one but all I can say is I was happy to attend the event because the thought of watching the awards LIVE on national television was SCARY.

The glittering awards were later aired on ZBC-TV as a pre-recorded programme with sources revealing that a media house sold the footage to the national broadcaster. We are not so sure why they couldn’t cover the event.

I also watched the show after my brother recorded it for me. Not that I wanted to compare the live event to the pre-recorded event but because it is all part of my job.

I liked the camera work during the auditorium, especially how the boom was controlled.

I, however, ended up wondering how such equipment is not utilised creatively at our national television. I did not only like the camera boom, but the whole set up at the NAMA was amazing.

You could mistake the NAMA for the South African awards or even the Africa Magic Awards. The challenge is now on the ZIMA organisers.

The ZIMAs are on next weekend while the ZimDancehall Awards follow on March 5. Then we can say the awards season is over.

This year I give the NAMA organisers a 7 out of 10 for the great improvement.

However, we couldn’t understand the concept of having four hosts on stage while two can pull it through. Maybe it was because of trying to accommodate all tribes but this later became a bore as the hosts were now fighting for space to throw some of their dry jokes.

The lighting was superb and the best performance so far goes to Children Performing Arts Workshop for a scintillating show.

Who knew the children could make it happen at awards show?

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate Zororo Makamba of “Tonight With Zororo” show who won the best Outstanding Screen Television Production.

Makamba’s show beat popular soap “Wenera”, which was the crowd’s favourite in the auditorium as they could be heard chanting – Wenera, Wenera, Wenera.

Among the list in that category were Zambezi News and The Maid production.

Of concern, the nominees raised eyebrows as to how the adjudicators came up with the list. I was happy with how Ben Mahaka, television producer cum actor, who happened to be on the panel later, explained how they got to the final list.

Some said it was not fair as “Tonight With Zororo” was much more screened on Zambezi Magic although it started on YouTube while the rest had been making strides on our national television.

I was at par on that but Makamba’s show is on point because I do understood how it got there. It is not an easy road but the boy has worked hard.

The show is empowering and educative, just that the debate rose because people wanted to have another category on soaps and reality show. Zimbabwe is talented with a lot of creativity.

I have been observing productions that are being made and you could tell that television will soon change; given the chance the youngsters are there to prove the best. We now wait for the licences to be given to those media houses that have applied. 2016 is a great year for television, watch and learn.

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