Myths and Facts about COVID 19 vaccines

There have been a lot of myths and misconceptions around Covid-19 vaccines. Noticing that there were a lot of misconceptions among communities pertaining Covid-19 vaccines and vaccinations that are being offered countrywide, the Ministry of Health and Childcare (MOHCC) answers some of the questions.


Myth: Vaccines are unsafe and normal safety protocols have been circumvented to fast track their authorisation for use


Fact: The fast development and approval of vaccines is a great human achievement worthy of celebration. This has been possible because we have learnt over many decades how to make and test vaccines and we were able to take those lessons and challenge ourselves to produce a vaccine much quicker. No step in the development, testing or ratification of the COVID-19 vaccines has been skipped. The world was able to develop vaccines fast because scientists and governments around the world collaborated in a manner that has never been achieved before and pooled resources and information to ensure that everyone can contribute to the knowledge.


Myth: The vaccine will change my DNA


Fact: Vaccines work by stimulating the body the same way the virus would if someone was infected. That means when you receive the vaccine the body then recognises that it looks like the coronavirus and then it releases certain chemicals that start a chain reaction to make immune cells that can fight the real virus. The vaccine does not work on the DNA of the body. Some people think that because some of the vaccines are made using RNA technology that means the RNA will interact with the DNA. technology is simply the way the vaccine is made – not what it will do to the body.  (RNA vaccines, are a new approach that provides “instructions” for cells to build a protein that safely prompts an immune response). That is not how it works. The


Myth: COVID 19 vaccines contain a form of microchip that will be used to track and control an individual


Fact: There is no vaccine “microchip” and there is no evidence to support claims that such a move is planned. Receiving a vaccine will not allow people to be tracked and personal information would not be entered into a database.


Myth: Big businesses are pushing vaccines to improve profits


Fact: The COVID-19 crisis has caused massive disturbances across the globe and no nation has been spared. A vaccine represents the best hope to save lives and to restore our way of life, many governments have therefore entered into direct talks with vaccine makers to ensure a timeous supply of vaccines.


Myth: Government is complicit with big businesses in pushing vaccines despite the risks


Fact: Government is committed to saving lives and livelihoods. The fastest way to return to our way of life is through ensuring that the majority of the population are protected from the virus. Vaccines are the simplest and most effective way to do this.


Myth: 5G networks cause the coronavirus through radiation emissions


Fact: The World Health Organisation has made it clear that viruses cannot travel on radio waves and mobile networks. COVID-19 is spreading in many countries that do not have 5G mobile networks.


Myth: The Vaccines have the mark of the Beast – 666


Fact: Vaccines have no connection with any religious organisations and cannot be infused with spirits, demons or other abstract ingredients. They are purely a product of science. There is no conspiracy to possess, bewitch or control anybody through vaccines


Myth: Vaccines are a way for our former oppressors to oppress us again


Fact: Government would never allow a situation where any country or nation would be allowed to oppress our people through any means. Scientists and governments all over the world, including our own, have all contributed to the knowledge that has led to the development of the vaccines. It has not just been the work of Western and rich countries but a global collaboration.




Here are some of the facts for the myths that are circulating about COVID 19 vaccines as the country rolls out vaccines as an additional prevention measure


COVID 19 vaccines were rushed and are not safe Researchers took no safety shortcuts to come up with a vaccine. Large studies have shown that the vaccines are safe and effective. The government also has strong policies and structures for routinely monitoring the safety of all vaccines used in the country
The COVID 19 vaccine will alter my DNA It’s impossible for a vaccine to change or alter your DNA
I do not have to wear a mask or practice social distancing once I am vaccinated The vaccine helps to prevent you from getting sick with COVID 19, but it is currently not known if it prevents you from transmitting the virus to others. Stopping the pandemic requires using all the tools available like wearing a mask, washing your hands and social distancing
I do not need to get vaccinated I already had COVID 19 Currently experts do not know how long someone is protected from getting sick again after recovering from COVID 19, and reinfection is possible. Also we won’t know how long immunity produced by vaccination lasts until we have more data on how well the vaccines work
The government will track me through the vaccine There are no tracking devices or microchips in the vaccines
I will test positive for COVID 19 after receiving the vaccine COVID 19 vaccines will not cause you to test positive for COVID 19
COVID 19 vaccines give you the virus COVID 19 vaccines do not give you the virus. The vaccine does not contain a live virus strain



I still have questions about vaccination. What should I do?


If you have questions about vaccines be sure to talk to your healthcare worker. He or she can provide you with science-based advice about vaccination for you and your family, including the recommended vaccination schedule in your country.

We encourage you to rely on reputable and authoritative information sources, such as health care providers and public health officials, WHO and UNICEF to make informed choices and stay up to date. You can also use the following Ministry of Health and Child Care platforms to get more information:

Whatsapp hub    Send Hi to +263 714 734 593

Toll free hotline  Dial 2019 or 393

Ministry of Health and Child Care website, Twitter handle, Facebook page



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