My first love, my superhero: Celebrating Fathers’ Day Celebrating Fathers' Day...

Tafadzwa Zimoyo-Senior Lifestyle  Writer

Boy ooh boy! fathers are in a class of their own. Around their life is an aura of machoism, power, and responsibility that they carry around with great trepidation.  

My first love, my first superhero and obviously my first role model in my life, is what many a child says or at least thinks.

A father is the first man in your life and the rest follow, so they say.

Fatherhood is every man’s wish. It comes with honour, dignity and royalty.  

Being a father also brings with it joy and a sense of responsibility.

Some adopt kids to be called fathers while others sire kids biologically to be called dads.

However, being a father is not only about siring children, but it goes beyond intimacy and gratification. It takes responsibility as well as a sense of respect expected to fully execute these duties.

Like them or not, some dads are a cancer to the society as they bring misery to the fruit of their loins, a curse which needs condemnation in strongest terms. 

Tomorrow, responsible fathers across the world will be remembered for raising their families and desirable deeds. 

In short, Father’s Day is a day meant to celebrate fatherhood and paternal bonds, as well as the influence of fathers in society. 

As such, the day should not pass unnoticed. 

While Fathers’ Day is not as eventful as Mothers’ Day, it deserves special honour and there are a lot of events also taking place to celebrate them.

However, The Herald on Saturday Lifestyle spoke to some fathers, sons and daughters to hear their plans for the day and how the fathers should also be given equal love opportunities, just like what you do on Mother’s Day.

Shops, stores and fashion houses will have a discounted items or treats and even painting the town pink for Mother’s Day, but when it comes to father’s, tit’s a different story.

Film maker Edmore Ndlovu of the “Wenera”and “Sores of Emmanuel” fame said he was a proud father of nine and was best friends with all of them.

“Father’s day reminds me that besides having super duties of being a father, it also gives me a chance to thank God for giving me not just beautiful, but talented children,” he said.

Ndlovu said he did not want his children to grow up in the same situation he did, but respected his father for being a role model and nurturing him.

“Well I wasn’t spoiled neither are they. We grew up under a strict father and this toughened us to be who we are today but the world of parenting is changing,” he said.

“We try by all means to raise them in today’s ways of giving them what they want and understanding them also. 

“I don’t want them to be spoiled because they will end up weak. My duty is to put smiles on their faces.”

Pageant director, modelling guru and advisor Mercy Mushaninga said she was hosting community awards for Father’s Day under the umbrella Africa’s Father and Mother of the Year Awards at the Longchen Marina Convention Centre tomorrow.

She said the awards started in 2019 in Zambia and because of Covid-19 they failed to host them last year.

This is how they celebrate Father’s Day honouring community fathers and nominations have been called for past weeks. 

“This year we are hosting in Zimbabwe the Father of the Year Awards. Nominations were done by family members, relatives, friends and the community. We only choose 50 fathers every year who will be celebrated. We have two categories, thus including the Community Father of the year Award and Father of the Year Award.” 

She added that her father Sabhuku Musafare Matthew Mushaninga will be there at the event supporting her, but will not be competing.

“The objective of our programme is to enhance the meaning of Father’s Day and Mother`s Day, hence encouraging fathers and mothers to play a role not only to their families but in their communities at large.

Happy Father’s Day to the greatest Dad in the World. 

“To be who I am, it’s because of your love and guidance. You are a father to many and I want you to enjoy Father’s Day,” said Mushaninga.

Businessman George Munengwa said he will be celebrating the day with his family and his father too.

“I will be with my father and family, spending some quality time as a family. I am only the father I am because I saw my father do the exact same thing to me and my siblings as we grew up,” he said. 

Munengwa said his father was still so loving and supportive.

“My father sacrificed a lot for my siblings. He was ridiculed by many for staying in a high density suburb and sending all four kids to private schools, but his long term plan was to expose us just like he was exposed at a young age.” 

“All I do with my family, the bond that we have together, is because from an early age my father always put his family first and ensured we would do things together as a family. 

“The relationship I have with my father is more that of friends where we open up and talk and laugh about things. He has told me his mistakes and always advises me on life issues.” 

Munengwa says he lives by his dad’s three life principles words which are “Please”, “Thank you” and “Sorry”.

“These words will get you through life smoothly”, he added.

Young musician Tinashe Chivaviro who is currently on holiday on Thursday released a song for his father, entitled “Vana Daddy Varopafadzwe” which is doing well on social media.

Tinashe who has followed in the footsteps of his father Reverend Togarepi Chivaviro as a gospel musician said this was his gift to his father for tomorrow.

“I have realised that many artistes have written songs for mothers, which is a good thing, but there are very few songs for fathers,” he said.

“Even my dad has a popular song for mothers. So I thought of him and other fathers out there, to also appreciate them in song.”

He said the song already has a video.

“In the video I’m trying to appreciate as many roles that fathers play, as possible. There are doctors, farmers, miners, constructors and teachers. I tried to tell thire story in those visuals”.

“I believe I am who I am today because God used my parents. I believe it’s also through God’s grace that my dad has been in my life up to this point when I’m ready to go to college. I believe fathers play a big role in shaping us, especially us the sons.

“We all look up to them and see them toiling to try and make us happy,” said Tinashe.

Malcom Msindo of ExoticScent Fragrances and Cosmetics said he is out of the country but would make sure his children celebrate and enjoy the day on his behalf.

He added that for the past week business has been booming with some people buying their fathers gifts.

“I am not in the country right now but I have arranged for my children to enjoy the day tomorrow. 

“Usually we would spend the day together but I am away on a business trip,” he said.

“So far the Perfumery 101 is doing well in sales and many have already ordered for their father as this is currently the signature scent for fathers. It is a local brand fused with international flair. This year we didn’t do any competition to give away perfumes because of the Covid-19,” said Msindo. 

Entrepreneur Edmore Chivizhe said he felt proud to be a dad. 

“As an entrepreneur and father of two, this day is a reminder that fatherhood comes with responsibilities.

“This day inspires me to really work hard and I have always celebrated it in style. 

“When I look at my kids, I see the hand of the Lord, but raising them well is all that I will be celebrating,” said Chivizhe.

Similar sentiments were echoed by food scientist Tawanda Magaisa who feels proud to be a father. 

“When I was growing up, I always wanted to emulate my father.

“Now that I am now a father, I have realised that it was not easy for him to raise us. I will miss him dearly because he worked hard to raise us,” he said. 

Fathers Day, which falls on a Sunday, will be celebrated through a number of festivities. 

Performing artistes will be looking to cash in on the day. 

In upmarket eateries, promotions will be held to honour fathers.

Happy Father’s Day to my dad and all the fathers.

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