“My fashion is about people and fun” – Tocky Vibes Tocky Vibes

 Faith Katete Arts Reporter
Zimdancehall chanter Obey Makamure, known as Tocky Vibes, has left tongues wagging because of his latest fashion sense, which some view as weird.

Is it a public stunt or like always, a strategy to market forthcoming albums?

The “Amai” hitmaker, who recently has caused stir on social media after he featured wearing an oversized Nigerian like outfit on an advert sponsored by Nyaradzo Group, has described his fashion sense as art.

In an interview, Tocky Vibes said he wanted to be unique, portraying his character as an African, while sharing “HiStory” with people.

“Some of the outfits that I wear are made specifically for me and they cannot be found anywhere else,” Tocky Vibes said.

“They help tell the story that I want to share, the one we used to get from legends such as James Chimombe and others. These days, people are after trademarks such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton, so

I will be working on giving people a different feel instead of having all of us doing the same thing. I also like the traditional way of dressing.

“I do not care about what people say. We all have the right to wear and express what we want. l do not listen to those who talk negative things about my dressing, people always talk. If God permits, in the next two years, l am seeing myself opening a clothing line.”

The Zimdancehall chanter is also an ambassador for the popular elite men’s suit shop – Bachelors Republic.

On the other hand, Tocky Vibes said he just wears the outfits for people to have fun, especially in this era dampened by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Last week, he released videos for his songs Mabhiritiyana, which is trending on YouTube and has more than 46 000 views, and Manyatera, which is topping the list with 90 000 views.

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