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Mwonzora puts up a brave face

amai jukwaAll is not well in the MDC-T. One faction claims to have expelled Mangoma. He calls the suspension null and void. Another faction claims to have suspended Tsvangirai. That too is described as null and void. Perhaps it’s the whole party that is now null and void

IN a show of might, yesterday hundreds of MDC-T party faithfuls thronged Harvest House wielding placards and chanting their unmoving loyalty to Tsvangirai. Tsvangirai’s supporters quickly pointed out that this was evidence that their man was still popular. While the crowds were ostensibly a flash mob that only happened to gather upon Harvest House and somehow got their hands on conveniently messaged placards, one can be forgiven for suspecting that this was a contrived attempt to show that Tsvangirai was still in control.

Such a move would suggest insecurity on Tsvangirai’s part.
If he were indeed in total control he would have no need to make a show of might by hiring a mob to chant his praises.

Biti’s rebels could have equally hired a thousand-strong mob, dressed them in MDC-T regalia and posed for convenient pictures.
The fact that they did not speaks volumes of the confidence they have in the ammunition they are holding.
I am reliably informed that they have compiled damaging evidence of financial impropriety against Tsvangirai and are ready to further damage his already damaged standing with donors.

Supporters of suspended MDC- T president Mr Morgan Tsvangirai  sang and chanted slogans at their party's headquarters — Harvest House in Harare yesterday before being addressed by suspended party spokesperson Mr Douglas Mwonzora yesterday. — (Picture by Tawanda Mudimu)

Supporters of suspended MDC- T president Mr Morgan Tsvangirai sang and chanted slogans at their party’s headquarters — Harvest House in Harare yesterday before being addressed by suspended party spokesperson Mr Douglas Mwonzora yesterday. — (Picture by Tawanda Mudimu)

Once Tsvangirai runs out of money that is the end of it.
Job Sikhala, a returning prodigal son, could not hide his dismay. Writing on Facebook he complained of receiving“devastating news from the actions taken by the renewal team.”

One wonders why Job Sikhala would be devastated by such news. If Tsvangirai is indeed in control that would mean he (Sikhala) would stand a chance of quick promotion since Biti had “expelled himself” as Mwonzora claims.

If indeed the masses are behind Tsvangirai and he remains in control why would it be devastating that a few “malcontents” had left the movement?
Simply carry on.

The next morning Sikhala was even more miserable and pleaded with the rebels to sit down and talk to Tsvangirai.
Writing on his Facebook page he said, “After all is said and done, people will realise that we would need each other in the long run. The internal turbulence in the MDC might point to our failures to deal with burning issues in the party in time.

“When problems emerge people must find a quick way of fixing them, than to allow them to reach an extend (sic) of an explosion. It seems to me that there was burning anger in the house for a long time, which the party did not take courage to tackle.

“The level with which the implosion has reached can only be resolved by an independent respected peacemaker from the region or among our respected clergy.

“Let us not cheat each other, after the anger subsided (sic), we shall all notice that the project we are pursuing needs all of us together. There is no winner in everything that is happening.

“The major casualty is our struggle. Lets sit down and talk and find each other once again!”
Sikhala’s lamentations shed light into the real state of mind of Tsvangirai’s faction.
Why is Ian Kay not asking for talks and unity?

It seems to me that his faction has taken time to plan its response and is now executing it with ruthless efficiency.
What is surprising is that Tsvangirai was unprepared.

It was clear that Biti was going to be dislodged from his position at the next possible opportunity as punishment for his alleged role in the leadership renewal campaign.

Did Tsvangirai believe that Biti would simply wait for his fate?
If anything, it is this insecurity that possibly pushed Biti into this drastic action.

Mwonzora responded with typical finger pointing claiming that the actions of his own colleagues were in fact a strategy by Zanu-PF, the CIO and Robert Mugabe to destroy Morgan Tsvangirai.

This is the same argument we heard when Welshman Ncube split from the MDC. Does anyone actually take these claims seriously?
Mwonzora was at pains to explain that Biti’s moves were null and void and that he only had a few members.

Fair enough.

One would think that it would be easier to simply convene another full meeting of the National Council and establish exactly how many people attend, hopefully enough to expel Biti and his co-conspirators in full view of the cameras.

This seems an obvious solution and would put the matter to rest.

However, Tsvangirai will not do so because he knows he does not have the numbers.

It is precisely for that reason that Nelson Chamisa is busy purging the party of Biti sympathisers under the guise of restructuring ahead of congress.

If Tsvangirai is so confident why does he find it necessary to weed out Biti’s supporters?

I suspect Zanu PF is not displeased.

Ndatenda. Ndini muchembere wenyu Amai Jukwa.

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