Mwazha succession wrangle persists Archbishop Mwazha

Nyore Madzianike

Senior Reporter

The succession row pitting the sons of ageing African Apostolic Church leader, Archbishop Paul Mwazha, popularly known as Mudzidzisi, has deepened with the matter being reported to police, setting the stage for it ending in court.

Archbishop Mwazha turns 102 this year and he has reportedly indicated his intention to step down and let one of his sons succeed him.

Alfred Kushamisa Mwazha and Tawanda Mwazha are at the centre of the succession wrangle.

On Monday, things turned nasty when Alfred, his other brothers and sympathisers visited Archbishop Mwazha’s residence in Hatfield, Harare, to initiate a succession ceremony.

They were however, stopped by other family members, Nyasha and Malcom Chapfunga, who argued that the Archbishop preferred his youngest son, Tawanda, to succeed him.

Tawanda is reportedly holed up in South Africa due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

The Monday clashes occurred in full view of the African Apostolic Church leader.

Irked by Alfred’s actions, Tawanda’s nephew, Nyasha, took the matter to Hatfield Police Station where it was reported under RRB4382864.

Nyasha said Alfred violated their peace and destroyed property at the clergyman’s house after they forced entry into the premises.

Nyasha reportedly told the police that Alfred and his brothers broke the gate’s lock to gain entry into the yard, violating Covid-19 national lockdown rules that restrict movement of people, gatherings and observance of social distancing.

Police yesterday could neither confirm nor deny the development.

However, sources close to the goings-on said Tawanda had since instructed his legal team to file a suit against Alfred, his other brothers and sympathisers.

“Lawyers have been instructed to prepare a suit against Alfred and his followers. Indications are that Tawanda wants to file for a peace order against Alfred and his team.

“They want to bar Alfred from hurriedly claiming the reigns and speeding the process, especially when people’s movements are restricted because of coronavirus.

“Their question is on why he is rushing to claim power and failing to wait until when all the people are in place?” he said.    

The siblings’ succession row is stemming from a letter written earlier this year by Archbishop Mwazha’s aide acting on their father’s instructions stating that Tawanda should continue presiding over the Holy Communion ceremony in the church.

He also indicated that Tawanda should be accompanied by Alfred to buy items for the ceremony.

On the other hand, Alfred is arguing that Archbishop Mwazha said he should lead the church because his two elder brothers were no longer eligible for the position since they had both left the church to join the Seventh Day Adventist and Johane Marange Apostolic churches, respectively.

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