Mvurwi resort hosts Valentine beauty pageant Some of last year’s winners of the Mrs Stone and Water beauty pageant which drew 30 participants from across the country

Daniel Chigunwe Herald Correspondent

The rather sleepy farming town of Mvurwi is set to roar to life this week with a cocktail of activities anchored by a Valentine beauty pageant.

Stone and Water Resort, a fast-rising agro-tourism resort in Mvurwi, Mashonaland Central province, continues to add a flare of urban fragrance to the farming town by ushering in various activities meant to promote the business as well as alleviate social ills bedevilling the girl child and families.

The exotic resort, one of the province’s agro-tourism giants, located on the banks of Gulliver Dam, has become the hub of many classic activities associated with the high life of major cities.

Besides being home to modern recreational activities like boat cruising, horse riding, chalets camping, quad bikes, horse riding and braai, the resort has of late hosted huge events including national boxing tournaments and beauty pageants — something entirely new for the town.

In its pursuit of creating platforms that nurture family peace, unity and love as well as empowering the girl child in the farming town, the resort is this week hosting the Mrs. Valentine beauty pageant as a way of celebrating the month of love as well as nurturing the resort’s brand ambassadors.

Businessman and resort owner Mr Vitalis Kereke said the idea is to create platforms and events that offer locals the opportunity to bond as families which is healthier for healing and reconciliation of broken homes by adding sparks of love.

“While we are adding a touch of modernity to the town by bringing all sorts of activities at the resort, we also discovered that we can make an impact by offering families around here a place to rekindle love, relax from social pressures that affect marriages, recreation strengthens relationships and builds love bonds in marriages,” said Mr Kereke.

“People are facing various struggles in marriages and families which sometimes results in high cases of suicides, crimes of passion and murder, therefore activities like Valentine celebrations are meant to spark the dying love in families.

“They are meant to relieve tensions between partners at the same time we also discovered that models can represent our brands from wherever there, so our activities are multi-faceted to promote both business and community lives.” The resort is promoting modelling activities as a way of empowering the girl child with a range of opportunities that can fight early marriages, and teen pregnancies as well as increase exposure for some marginalised communities.

“This is the second time we are having a modelling show at the resort, we have 15 participants drawn across the country for the Mrs Valentine pageant,” said renowned model Trish Nyasha Mukono.

“These events should be giving the girl child something to keep them busy so that they can be empowered to do better things, desisting from drug abuse or engaging with sugar daddies ending up with a broken future.”

Mukono is the face of the resort after winning the Mrs Stone and Water beauty contest last year which drew 30 models. “As models we are also central to the promotion of business as we are associated with the brands, so it is also an empowerment tool for the girl child to earn a living through being a paragon of virtue in society” she added.

Entertainment maestro and girl child champion Benedict Chagumuka popularly known as “Wandiona” said he is elated to have businesses promoting activities that empower the girl child in his area, adding that a happy family is key in the attainment of Vision 2030.

“As the local councillor, I am very happy to have businesses that are promoting the growth of the area by elevating our standards of modernisation, especially through such exotic activities like modelling, my call is for our youths to embrace such activities as we fight issues affecting the girl child.

“Maybe at a large scale, we need to urge other businesses to have such a philanthropic approach so that we partner in creating a safer place for girls, as a youthful councillor I commend such activities in our ward,” said Chagumuka.

The establishment of the resort has added to the fight against drug abuse in the community as well as creating platforms for youths to showcase their talents in the arts and culture sector.

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