Muzarabani revels in job prospects

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Muzarabani revels in job prospects The exploration for gas and oil prospects by Invictus Energy, an Australian-listed company, has already seen the community start to reap benefits from employment and social corporate responsibility projects.

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Fungai Lupande-Mash Central Bureau 

Excitement has gripped Mbire district in Mashonaland Central as the exploration for gas and oil prospects by Invictus Energy, an Australian-listed company, are already seeing the community start to reap benefits from employment and social corporate responsibility projects.

The company has reached the targeted 4km depth for the main well and is now drilling side tracks (parallel holes along the main well) to widen their samples and enhance their evaluations. 

As more downstream economic activity is seen, the Mbire Rural District Council is preparing a master plan for the economic growth of the district.

A community liaison officer for the company, Mr Gibson Langton from Skande Village in Mbire, said the community is abreast with the latest updates and information on the gas and oil exploration.

He started working for Geo Associates, a partner of Invictus Energy in 2020, and said he is now able to put his family on medical insurance, a luxury he never enjoyed as the oil and gas project started to transform lives in Mbire.

Speaking during the tour of the Mukuyu 1 site in Mbire, Mr Langton is excited to work for the international company as he acquired new knowledge on the latest technology 

As the community liaison officer, Mr Langton guides the company on the needs of the community for the successful implementation of community responsibility projects.

“As a local employee I understand the needs of the community I know what affects us and our priorities on our needs to improve the quality of our lives,” he said.

“Working well with stakeholders including Government departments, and traditional and political leadership makes the project run smoothly. I am now employed and I have a stable source of income as well as knowledge on high powered technology. I can take care of my family and send my children to school,” added Mr Langton.

Since the inception of the project, the surrounding community was engaged and provided with information about the nature of the project. 

Mr Langton said company staff move around the villages and give people current updates starting from seismic surveys, importation of equipment, and depth of the well.

Tinashe Chipotora (22) from Bande village in ward 15 said he is excited to have a major project a stone’s throw away from his village.

“The project will improve our lives and as we move towards Vision 2030, we will not be left behind. As local people get employed by the company. We are appealing for the company to increase the number of youths so that they can have a better life,” he said.

Gogo Nigas Nepa from the same village said they have started benefiting by accessing potable water from borehole drilling by the company.

“We are excited that we have already started benefiting from this project before their prospects are successful. We also see the construction of our Kanyemba road progressing well and we are happy,” she said.

Another villager Mrs Roselyn Maoneka said they are close to the oil well and is hopeful that her husband will get employed.

“The project is growing and more areas of employment will be opened. This project has opened our eyes and made us realise the importance of education. We are now encouraging our children to value education so that when development projects come, they have a competitive advantage,” she said.

The District Development Coordinator for Mbire district Mr Maruta said plans are in place for the expansion of the district infrastructure to accommodate economic activities associated with the oil and gas project.

He said the community has a deep understanding of the project and how it is transforming the district.

He thanked Invictus Energy for implementing several corporate social responsibility programmes in the district.

“We are ready for the expansion of the district which will result from the discovery of oil and gas. Layout plans are being developed,” he said.

Mines and Mining Development Minister Winston Chitando visited the site to get a deeper insight of the project after Invictus Energy issued a public statement on the positive results.

“We were optimistic of positive results from day one which will turn around the economic development of the country. We applaud the President’s mantra of Zimbabwe is open for business which saw capital flowing in and this company responding,” he said.

“Production sharing agreement will be entered into between this company and the Government to ensure that the country gets appropriate benefits from this project.

“Government policy underpins that all resources must be value added. Similarly, to this project, they must be compliant with this policy.”

Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Mashonaland Central Monica Mavhunga said the oil and gas will see the province moving up from the bottom of the list in Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

“We are happy about the progress so far. Our GDP was number nine, second last. This project is going to grow our provincial economy. This project is a game-changer for the province and the country,” she said.

“Vision 2030 is leaving no one and no place behind. This district is going to be developed and local people employed,” she added.

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