Muzarabani MDC-A activists speak out

Tendai Mugabe Senior Reporter
A systematic attempt by MDC-Alliance to discredit the July 30 harmonised elections has been exposed after it emerged that no single case of political violence has been recorded in Muzarabani North where the opposition party alleged that some of its members were being harassed by Zanu-PF supporters.

The claims are also being escalated by non-governmental organisations desperate to lay their hands on funds in the wake of donor fatigue which saw many struggle in their anti-Zimbabwe agenda.

The MDC-Alliance has been passing two of its activists — Messrs Ernest Joseph and Lloyd Kaswa from Ward 23 in Kairezi area of Muzarabani North — as victims of political violence whose homes were destroyed by Zanu-PF members after the polls.

The two, who participated in the polls as MDC-Alliance election agents, have since been adopted by Heal Zimbabwe and are housed at a so-called safe house in Hatfield, Harare.

It is believed that the motive behind the nefarious and deceptive shenanigans by MDC-Alliance and its hangers on was to push for an inclusive Government in the wake of their disastrous showing at the polls.

Yesterday, The Herald sought to verify the allegations in Muzarabani, but both MDC-T and Zanu-PF members denied ever witnessing political violence in the aftermath of the polls.

As reported by The Herald yesterday, MDC-T and Zanu-PF members concurred that the two were attacked in Mozambique by Mozambicans who were irked by the fact that they were falsifying their nationality to participate in electoral processes of the two countries.

In an interview, MDC-T organising secretary for Muzarabani North Mr Ding Dhlamini said they were living in harmony with their Zanu-PF counterparts.

He said they were also receiving farming inputs and food aid from Government without discrimination.
“Here in ward 23, we do not have any problem,” said Mr Dhlamini.

“So far we have not witnessed any incident of political violence. If we are to experience that, certainly we will report to the police but so far we are living peacefully. Distribution of food and other inputs is being done fairly across the political divide.”

He said they only received some unverified reports that some of their members who relocated in Mozambique were being harassed by people from Zimbabwe.

Mr Norest Kaswa, who is the younger brother to Lloyd Kaswa one of the alleged victims of the purported political violence, shared the same sentiments saying: “There is nothing like that (political violence). Bring those who are making such allegations so that they can show us where they are getting that information. I was an MDC-Alliance polling agent at Kairezi Primary School and all reports of what was happening at the polling station we have them. Elections were peaceful. Our neighbour here is councillor Amon Mavedzenge of Zanu-PF and I can confirm that we are good neighbours living peacefully.”

Mr Kaswa confirmed that his brother and Joseph were now based in Mozambique.
“Yes my brother is now based in Mozambique and was also a polling agent. We were promised money but nothing has come our way. Hapana chakabuda,” he said.

“Ndakasanganawo neshoko nezuro rekuti vakaenda kuHarare (Joseph and Lloyd Kaswa) vachiti kwavo kuMozambique hakusi kugarika.”

Zanu-PF councillor for ward 23 Cde Amon Mavedzenge said: “Here in Kairezi ward 23 nothing has happened since the July 30 harmonised elections. What we heard is that Lloyd Kaswa was deported from Mozambique so I went to his home to enquire what had transpired since we are good neighbours, I was then told that he was taken to Harare by Mr Agreement Kagura who was contesting for the National Assembly seat on an MDC-Alliance ticket.

“Reports that we received from Mozambique that there was a meeting there where these two were asked as to why they were voting both in Zimbabwe and Mozambique? I called some war veterans in Mozambique who said no house was torched.

“We are living peacefully and I can confirm that as the councillor in this ward for several years, we do not discriminate each other on the basis of political affiliation. Most of the MDC-T members including those who are alleged to be victims are actually under the category of vulnerable people whom we give first preference when we are distributing food or inputs from Government.”

The newly elected National Assembly Member for Muzarabani North Cde Zhemu Soda said: “There is nothing like that here. I never gave any authority to anyone to harass people. I think its complete fabrication. The fact that people are living peacefully here in Zimbabwe is enough testimony that we are tolerant and we are always preaching peace everywhere we go.”

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