Mutsvangwa disowns Twitter handle Cde Mutsvangwa

Joseph Madzimure Senior Reporter
Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association chairman Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa has disowned a Twitter account in his name, which he claims was engineered by former G40 faction leaders residing outside the country.

This follows a message circulating on social media purportedly posted by Ambassador Mutsvangwa, encouraging MDC-Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa to put behind his differences with Zanu PF and engage in dialogue.

Ambassador Mutsvangwa said he did not have a Twitter account.

The Twitter message read: “Comrade Chamisa come let’s reason together on a 50/50 basis and forget about the election cock-up.

“Comrades, we will leave a great legacy and the economy will start to bud and sprout in two days.

“It will be all smiles on the streets in hours. We are all compatriots and patriots.”

This is not the first time Ambassador Mutsvangwa has had to dismiss parody social media accounts.

Last year, messages were sent on a fake Twitter account purported to be his, which he denied saying he suspected self-exiled Professor Jonathan Moyo to be behind it.

“The moribund and forgotten G40s are now in the grip of schizophrenia,” said Ambassador Mutsvangwa last Friday. He mocked fugitive former Minister of Local Government Saviour Kasukuwere, and former Foreign Affairs Minister Walter Mzembi for “outwitting” each other in forming opposition political parties.

“Kasukuwere and Mzembi outbid each other in forming phony and competing political parties. All this for the cloud of the Internet,” he said.

“Jonathan Moyo cannot escape the trauma of his nemesis, the war veterans of the liberation struggle. His social media foray is to don the garb of their chairman Chris Mutsvangwa. He is craving for lost Internet readership.

“After all, his postings are now rubbished as spam. The only way is to create a fake Twitter account in the name of Mutsvangwa.”

Ambassador Mutsvangwa described Moyo as a lonely figure who seeks attention through spending most of his time on the Internet.

“Political exile in far removed Kenya has turned into a terrible haunt of loneliness,” he said.

“Loquacious Jonathan now speaks only to himself and equally listens to his voice. Any additional audience can only be garnered by impostoring.

“This is the reward of that vaulting ambition to November 2017 and the apocalyptic rebirth of Zimbabwe in the Second Republic.”

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