Mutoko Govt complex nears completion The Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution for Mashonaland East Dr Aplonia Munzverengwi (second from left) tours Mutoko District Government complex that is under construction at Mutoko Centre. The complex has 120 offices and will house Government departments in the district.

Victor Maphosa-Mashonaland East Bureau

CONSTRUCTION of the Mutoko Government complex at Mutoko centre by Government is nearing completion, with the offices expected to be opened this year.

The complex will have 120 offices to house Government departments whose offices are scattered all over Mutoko centre.

Construction of the two storey complex started during the old dispensation and there was no notable progress. However, the coming in of the Second Republic under President Mnangagwa, who also gave priority to resume all stalled projects, has seen construction of the complex being revived. 

Now, construction has reached the roof stage. Recently, Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution for Mashonaland East Dr Aplonia Munzverengwi toured the construction site where she reiterated Government’s commitment to improve working conditions for civil servants and also bringing critical services closer to the people.

“This is going to be a one stop centre where all Government departments in Mutoko district will be housed.

“Construction started during the old dispensation. We once visited this place when construction was at foundation stage. But now the construction has reached another level.

“This building will have 120 offices and I am told all Government departments will be housed here. So this is an advantage since all Government services will be done at one complex. So we are happy about it. This is development which we are witnessing is being brought about by the New Dispensation,” she said.

Dr Munzverengwi said the complex is expected to be complete this year.

“As you can see, a lot of material is here. We are expecting Treasury to release some funds so that construction is completed. We expect completion of this complex this year. You will realise that this is not the only development being done in our province. Last year we commissioned a lot of projects and this year we will commission more,” she said.

“We have roads under rehabilitation and some are being upgraded. We have dams under construction. A lot is happening in terms of development in our province courtesy of the Second Republic,” she said.

Mutoko North legislator Isaac Tsakani thanked Government for bringing meaningful development, not only to Mutoko but across the province.

“We are thankful to President Mnangagwa for this development. He has remembered us here in Mutoko. 

This shows that the President is a man of his word because he said no one and no place will be left behind in terms of development.

“This complex is a game changer and it is going to be not business as usual in terms of the service being offered by civil servants in our district. We are hoping that Treasury will release funds soon so that construction can be completed. So I want to thank the President and Government for other developments in Mutoko and across the province. There is development everywhere and with this pace, nothing will stop us from attaining Vision 2030. My prayer is for President Mnangagwa to be given more life so that he can also witness the attainment of Vision 2030,” he said.

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