Musicians fall in love with Annie’s Fashions

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Musicians fall in love with Annie’s Fashions Annie’s Fashion Police supplied outfits for Jah Prayzah’s “Hello” video

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Fast-growing fashion house Annie’s Fashion Police has attracted the attention of a number of celebrities in the arts sector.

Coming from humble beginnings and easily fitting into the web of celebrities and fashionistas, Annie’s Fashions has become a first choice for many musicians.

When the fashion house dressed Jah Prayzah’s team in all-white outfits on the video of “Hello”, many other artistes got interested in their style.

Now the list of musicians that form Anne’s Fashion Police clientele include Peter Moyo, Baba Harare, Seh Calaz, Soul Jah Love, Killer T, Enzol Ishall, Tendai Dembo, Carlos Green and Andy Muridzo among others.

The fashion house’s stylish outfits were also exhibited at Muridzo’s “Shiri Yamambo” album launch when they dressed the whole band for the occasion.

Annie’s Fashion Police will also take care of outfits that will be donned by Baba Harare’s group when they launch their album “Generator”.

Annie Fashion Police founder Annie Humbira said they are working with many artistes at various projects and they are glad to be associated with many celebrities.

“Since we made outfits for Jah Prayzah’s ‘Hello’ video the demand from artistes has been overwhelming. We are working with more than 20 artistes and this is an encouraging thing. It has inspired us to work more to keep our clients and attract new ones,” said Annie.

Annie’s Fashion Police began from humble beginnings when Annie and her team would sell clothes from a car boot at Ximex Mall area.

As the business grew, they found a home in Union Building where they are now housed. Many musicians hire outfits for video shoots and Annie says her relationship with the artistes has grows stronger every time they transact.

“We have been able to keep our customers over the past five years and all artistes that joined us along the way are still with us. It is a sign that they are getting satisfied with our services and we will try our best to keep them satisfied.

“Most of my celebrity clients are male singers, but we have also started having enquiries from divas and soon we will have a list of female singers within our label because many have expressed interest. We were mainly selling male outfits and we are now expanding.”

Speaking about his alliance to Annie’s Fashion Police, Muridzo said he has benefited a lot from the relationship.

“I went there as a customer, but I am now one of the members of fashion family. We work together very well and it did not take time for us to click. We work according to various arrangements and everyone is happy. We will keep on working together and I am hopeful that the relationship will grow bigger. There are few retailers who treat their customers like Annie’s Fashion Police,” said Muridzo.

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