Musician to celebrate duet in Beitbridge

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Musician to celebrate duet in Beitbridge Jah Prayzah

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Jah Prayzah will tomorrow celebrate the release of his collaboration with Jamaica’s Jah Cure with a show at Pagomba Café in Beitbridge.

The collaboration, titled “Angel Lo” was released yesterday and most of his fans are enjoying a perfect video of the song that was shot in Barcelona, Spain. The video has fascinating scenes and is likely to be a hit. A jovial Jah Prayzah unveiled the video to the media on Tuesday night.

He is likely to be in jovial mood on Saturday when he performs in Beitbridge after a long time without staging a show in the border town. He will share the stage with Mbeu. Jah Prayzah has performed at the venue before and filled in to capacity. He will be looking forward to repeating the same achievement and celebrate “Angel Lo” with his fans.

“I like the way people in Beitbridge respond to our shows. They come in large numbers and I like the venue because it can accommodate many people. I am happy that the show comes a few days after the release of my collaboration with Jah Cure.

“It will be a good time to celebrate the song. People from Beitbridge will be among the first to hear the song live,” said Jah Prayzah. Organisers of the show said they are happy to have the musician at a time he is celebrating the collaboration with Jah Cure.

“Most launches and shows to celebrate new releases are done in Harare, but this time Beitbridge will be blessed to have such a show. People are eagerly awaiting the show and they want to see the musician showcasing his best.

“He has staged good shows at the venue before and we know he will deliver the best once again,” noted the organisers. Mbeu has been consistent with live performances and it will be a chance for him to broaden his fan base in Beitbridge. He is doing well and promises to be a big star in the near future.”

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