Musanhi calls for peaceful campaigns

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Musanhi calls for peaceful campaigns

The Herald

Lawrence Chitumba Mash Central Correspondent
Zanu-PF Politburo member and Bindura North Member of Parliament, Cde Kenneth Musanhi, has called on the party’s candidates for this year’s harmonised elections to campaign peacefully as it is the only way that they can garner more votes for the party.

Addressing supporters at a rally to beef up support for aspiring councillors for Bindura urban at Chipadze Stadium recently, Cde Musanhi said violence would only make prospective voters for the party to shun it.

“A man who is courting a woman does not do it by unleashing violence at her, but is courteous and uses all sorts of persuasive language to win her love to the extent of even lying about some things that are not practical,” he said.

“But in this case, we want you to deliver on promises that you would have made to the people. We say no to political gimmicks. If you unleash violence on the people they will ditch our party and vote for other parties, which don’t have the people at heart like the ruling party.

“Let us go and persuade people from other parties to vote for our party. All those who had deserted our party must come back. President Mnangagwa has on several occasions said that the time for sloganeering is over.

“We should have politics with business where you councillors should have committees for projects for your people so that the people can see the positive change of the party from what it was to this new dispensation.”

Cde Musanhi said councillors should be the servants of the people and work for them even in the most difficult situations.

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